Sunday, May 27, 2012

Chick-Fil-A, now what does that mean?  To me it means "Eat Mor Chikin"! I must admit that it was one of the cutest billboards that I have ever seen.  Every time I pass by one of them, I can't help chuckling.  It reminds me of Ms. Lin since she is born in the year of the cow.  The more reason I should be eating beef!! lol I haven't really listened to what the signs have been saying since I have never been to a Chick-Fil-A.  It has always been on my mind that I should try them out but I never felt the need or was just being lazy.  Finally my best bud and I were talking about it and she had a hankering for brownies.  (PS this was a secret craving) So we headed down to the closes Chick-Fil-A by her house for some dessert.
Even though I had been very full from dinner, I had to squeeze in the room for my FIRST Chick-Fil-A ever! lol We were going to go through the drive-thru to make it easier.  I brought up the fact that I had never been and she offered for us to both go in.  Nah, call me lazy but the drive-thru counts! lol So officially I have never been inside a Chick-Fil-A but I have now had their sandwich lol.  Based on recommendations, I decided to have the Spicy Chicken Sandwich with Bacon.  The flavor had a nice kick and the chicken was nicely fried.  It wasn't overly battered nor did it felt oil.  I kind of wished I had more of their original sauce to dip the sandwich in.  The sandwich was a little dry without the sauce or maybe I just like it saucy.  ^_~
All in all it was a good sandwich full of flavor.  It wasn't your normal fast food spicy chicken sandwich where they claim to be spicy and end up being dull and flavorless.  I even got to try their "special" brownies.  My best bud kept raving about how it was like a tasty chocolate cake with the layer of frosting on top.  At first it really scared me because it sounded heart-clogging and not in a good way, but once I took a bite, I understood what she meant.  It was moist and sweet without being overly oily.  Maybe it will be "our" spot now since she was the one who took me to my first Chick-Fil-A.  Now if she could get me to get up in the morning to have their delicious breakfast that so many people rave about lol. 
26792 Portola Pkwy
Foothill Ranch, CA 92610
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Eileen said...

Spicy chicken sandwich is the best! I just had a spicy chicken biscuit for breakfast today. You should definitely try their breakfast if you can get up early. :-)

Kat said...

Oooooh that sounds so good in the morning! Now, if only I'd be up that early O=)

I hear their breakfast is really good but the locations are so far away from me which means I have to get up even earlier @_@

Maybe, one day.. for a road trip =D It's on my to-do list now! lol

Hope you have a Happy 4th of July!!

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