Friday, May 18, 2012

Okay, I am normally not that into the news but I happened to be recording shows on CBS and caught the news.  WTF!! Caltrans employees were drinking during their lunch????! They have been taking long lunches at Angelo's and chugging down 32 ounce beers.  Okay, you are NOT suppose to drink when you still have to work.  Cops need to pull these people over.  You are NOT suppose to be inebriated while at work.  LAWSUIT! I think someone should start a class action lawsuit on behalf of taxpayers against Caltrans!!

Sure, they are at lunch... enjoy! BUT... You shouldn't be chugging beers and taking LONG LUNCH BREAKS! I am paying taxes and as much as I hate to pay taxes, I hope that the money is well spent and not wasted.  Everyone works hard to pay taxes and we all do our jobs.  (Yes, yes... some don't)  The videos also show that they drink a ton and then call OTHER employees to pick up their cars??? The Caltrans employees are an embarrassment to the job! Come on people!!! I understand work can suck at times and you need to unwind, but you do that AFTER work not during.  These people are probably operating heavy machinery or directing people under the influence... what does that say about Caltrans???  Our hard earned tax dollars are paying these lazy workers about $100,000 a year to do this??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!?

I am OUTRAGED and FURIOUS! The representative for Caltrans did not offer anything.  It was so obvious that she was covering their own with no excuse and barely promising anything will be done.  I am glad that they did an exposé to bring this to the public because it forces these bureaucratic executives to at least fake a change since they are now under scrutiny from the public.  This just reminds me of the horrible decision to give money to AIG and look at what they did with the money?!  Seriously! We have been having so many economical issues and we should all be trying to help the situation in order to stabilize our economy.  Hence, I am writing about this in protest! People should know and it may be a good idea to evaluate where the taxpayer money is spent even more closely! (Which may be another waste of money to organize another group of people to do this job)

For the full article on CBS click here 
The OC Register also has an article here


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