Monday, May 28, 2012

So why am I all the way out in Rancho Cucamonga at the Aloft?  Well, Gourmet Pigs invited me to be her plus one to the PR event for Ra Pour.  I arrived early and hung out in the lobby area.  They have a circular check-in station.  When we were checking in they took a while before they figured out what rooms.  What annoyed me was that they weren't sure which room was for which key.  It made me question their staff since it was just two key cards.  They also didn't have the key cards ready for us to take, so when we leave our rooms we really don't have a way to get back in the room until they are finished preparing the key cards.  Hmmm.... what kind of hotel is this?
Even though Aloft belongs to the Starwood Group and has the W Hotel name outside, big let down.  From the outside it only looked okay and the lobby actually had a modern feel to it, but the service was definitely not up to par and the rooms... I didn't take a picture of the popcorn ceiling but later did talk to others who were staying at the hotel too that the ceiling looked very iffy.  They tried to use paint to cover up the old structure of the hotel. 
I was not too concerned about this because what really bothered me was the room's smell.  The hallway didn't smell but once you entered the room, the enclosed space really brought out the smell.  Maybe I have a heightened sense of smell, but I wouldn't like my clothing or my body to carry this smell all day. 
The beds were fine and the room was clean.  It was interesting that they have a frosted glass connecting the shower area to the bedroom.  I don't know if I would really want my companion to see that while I shower nor would I want to see her, but I guess if you were there as a couple then it would be okay?  Hmm....  I did like that they did have Bliss as their bath products like all W Hotels have, but they had them in those containers where you must pump the product out.  My hand got a little tired pushing the button to get the shampoo and shower gel.  The showers water pressure was not very strong.
All in all I wasn't too impressed with this hotel nor would I recommend it.  The good thing was that it was free and it was only for a night.  I am still glad I got to spend some time with Gourmet Pigs to catch up and for inviting me to join her.  =D

Aloft Hotel
10480 4th Street
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
(909) 484-2018


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