Friday, April 20, 2012

Due to Ms. Lin's random research of finding a new optometrist, we suddenly ended up in Arcadia. You would think this was a good thing but I have to say that they really suck and it is not worth the gas to keep going up there for her stupid glasses! The first time we stopped by I was intrigues by the sign : Honey Boba. How could you go wrong with something that sounds tasty? Of course it reminded me of Half & Half Tea House. This caught my eye so on the 2nd trip up I decided it was time to try this place...
STAY AWAY! Don't do it!!! The boba was decent for an add in of $0.49 but not the drink itself. Sure, everything sounded good on paper but fell really short. We read online reviews to see what to order and chose which one that sounded good to us. I decided to go with the Ghiradelli Caramel Milk Tea since I love caramel milk tea but this did not taste like caramel. Rather a fermented alcohol like simulation of caramel. Ms. Lin decided to order something different from me and got the Earl Grey Milk Tea with Honey Boba. I have had Earl Grey before and this was bad. I was so glad that was not my drink and I tried to finish off the bad drink I had as fast as I can. Soon afterwards, I ran over to Sinbala to cleanse my palette of the horror. I had to buy a bunch of other milk teas to help me forget this taste @_@
All in all it may seem like the perfect place for teenagers and college students to chill out, but keeping in mind the area we are at that there are MUCH BETTER places around. I'd save myself the pain and check out the other hip hang out joints that serve a good drink to go with it!

Honey Boba
1 W Duarte Rd
Arcadia, CA 91007

(626) 446-9788


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