Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It's time to give Lee's Sandwiches another look. To be honest I had lost my love for this chain for a while but thanks to the Lee's Sandwiches in Rowland Heights, it has rekindled the flame. The facility is very clean and you can watch them as they make your sandwiches.
Plan to eat your sandwiches there when they are freshly made. It's best when the sandwiches are still crisp.
They caught me in their web and surprised me with their Vegetarian Sandwich. Yes, you read right, veg-et-ar-ian. I was shocked too that I could ever like something made without meat. Inside the French baguette is a mixture of finely chopped fried tofu skin, thin crisp noodles, fried sweet potato strips, and more. Mixed with the sweet pickled vegetables and herb, it's like a flavor explosion.
I made a mistake and forgot to add avocado on the first sandwich, so I had to go for a second one loaded with avocado. Believe me, it makes a huge difference. The buttery goodness of avocado really helps enhance the crisp texture and sweet flavor. Everything tastes better with more avocado. =D
My hunger overcame me and I devoured the Grilled Pork Sandwich. The meat was warm, flavorful, and satisfying. It really hit the spot. The savory flavor of the pork was nicely enhanced by the crisp sweet pickled vegetables. I would definitely recommend people to eat this while it is warm and fresh for the best flavor.
Today I chose to be a little more adventurous in my drink choice. I would normally get an iced coffee, but I couldn't resist the temptation of a Durian Smoothie and an Avocado Smoothie. It's rare to see a place offering durian so I couldn't pass that up. Glad to have a good amount of choices to choose from.
All in all this is a great location to get my Vietnamese sandwich fix. Before, I would say that the vegetarian sandwich was the way to go, but now I really like the grilled pork as well. The good thing is that the prices are always very reasonable so I can pick up everything that I want without breaking my wallet. I wish I could have one of their sandwiches right now. It would just hit the spot!
Lee's Sandwiches
18194 Colima Rd
Rowland Heights, CA 91748
(626) 810-8887


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