Monday, October 17, 2011

This is a long overdue post about Platine Bakery. There are very few places that I trek far and wide just to get some sweets. The main motivation here was Groupon! They have a pretty sweet deal with Groupon for people to try this place out or people like me that is just waiting for a deal to make it worth the trip. I have seen them on Groupon for at least two times, so I am sure they will rotate around and be offered again.
What really got me hooked are the Caramel Top Brownies. Hands down, the best thing here for me. I love that it has a thick layer of flavorful caramel mixed with nuts on top a moist brownie. Will you get a cavity from eating this? OH I AM SURE, but isn't that why it is so good? After I came here the first time a long time ago, all I thought about was getting more brownies and to share this treat with Ms. Lin Guide. The caramel top is chewy, so it is like having a tasty salted caramel on top of a brownie. I have tried to find similar brownies online so that I don't have to drive or leave the comfort of my own house, but so far none are comparable.
Another tasty treat here is the Maple Bacon Cookies. I can't pass up any treats that contain bacon in the title. The cookie base is soft and light so the flavor of the bacon isn't overshadowed. Overall, the cookie is not overly sweet and easy to munch down a dozen really quickly. Although this can be an expensive habit if you don't have a Groupon for support since each cookie starts at a dollar and up.
They have Chocolate Baby Cakes with Fleur de Sel that integrate a nice combination of sweet and savory. Tiny treats to boost your energy for the day. Be sure to check out all the different treats offered in the case because it tends to rotate some new treats that are fun to have. They will have seasonal items as well as new creations.
All in all I like Platine Bakery and would recommend it but there are a few things that make me dislike this place. Normally I love these small bakeries where you can feel the heart and soul in their creations and support local small businesses. The first time, I really liked this place so I came back even without a Groupon. Of course when I saw that it was offered again, I bought some for myself. I have been there where the owner was there and was stopped from taking pictures. This did not happen on my first visit, but on my last visit and has turned my positive thoughts to sort of negative. I have only went back one time after because of the Groupon and of course she didn't remember me but talked to Ms. Lin Guide with a friendly attitude to contact her about the review... nonetheless... my positive review had already been tarnished a while back and I will have to state what happened here. Regardless of the negative experience, I do think they have good confections here that are slightly on the pricier side.
Platine Bakery
10850 Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232

(310) 559-9933

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