Friday, October 7, 2011

With fusion being all the rage since Kogi first made its appearance. It's no wonder why many people seek Namu out for their own version of the Korean taco with a twist. I love going to the Ferry Building every Saturday in San Francisco just to experience the culture, fresh farm to table produce, crowd, and great mixture of food. Make your way to the back where all the food stands are set up together to grab a bunch of different munchies to nibble on while you peruse around the whole Farmer's Market.
Namu offers their infamous The Real Korean "Tacos". Wrapped inside a Toasted Seaweed are Seasoned Rice, chunks of Kalbi Short Ribs, Kimchee Remoulade, Teriyaki sauce, and topped with a Daikon & Kimchee Salsa. Caution, eat this fast before the toasted seaweed becomes soggy and everything just falls apart. Open wide and attack it like you are Godzilla! Rawr! **crunch crunch** The flavors mix well together. You have salty, sweet, and spicy all mixed in one. There are also many textures across the board to keep your teeth guessing. It's definitely a fun treat to share with your friends as they are standing in the other long lines to get more yummy goodies! ^_-
That day's special was Tonkatsu, which is Panko crusted and deep-fried Pork Cutlet. The pork was nicely fried but this dish was seriously all over the place and definitely not worth the $10. If I knew, I would have tried some of their old favorites or just have more tacos! The runny egg and heavy gravy was a little off on the rice. There wasn't much flavor overall, even though the dish looked very heavy. I rather have something where the flavor completely pops or excites your mouth.
Overall, it is fun to check the new dishes they will probably rotate in and out. Don't forget to grab a taco while you are at it.


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