Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It has been a while since the Italian Tomato closed down inside Costa Mesa's Mitsuwa Food Court. They have replaced part of it with Don Don Tei so I had to take the opportunity to try out the new addition. I was hoping and praying that they had Negi-Toro Don on their menu because I dream and drool about the one at Maru Ichi Japanese Noodle Shop. The one here is $6.95 and $7.49 with tax, which is a little pricy for the portion. I personally still like the one at Maru Ichi more because it is a lot more plentiful and more like toro than here. The toro felt more like regular maguro, tuna, than the fatty part. Hence the picture is so reddish rather than a marbleized pink.
The picture they had on their menu wasn't too tempting but the taste was not bad. I like combination of mayo, lemon, seaweed strips, and sprouts. Although you can buy more negi-toro from Mitsuwa and just put it on some rice for a lot cheaper, it is convenient to just order and eat while you are here. I asked for extra soy sauce and wasabi. For me, I wished there was a lot more wasabi for a bigger kick. Still, the flavor was refreshing and light.
I had a nice, quick, and enjoyable meal with the family. It's always good to have more options to switch it up. Will this place become one of my common repertoire there? Most likely not because I don't think it is that unique or outstanding since there are so many better choices there, but they will be good for when I don't feel like the usual.

Don Don Tei

665 Paularino Ave Suite 150
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 557-1145


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