Friday, April 15, 2011

I keep my promises! I have always said that if I ever get a reservation to El Bulli that I would drop everything and fly out to Spain. The time has come for me to fulfill that promise. Thanks to Ms. Lin’s hard work, we are ready to go for an evening that we will never forget. As El Bulli has announced the closing of their doors, a reservation is nearly impossible. The wonderfully kind folks at El Bulli have opened their hearts and doors for us to enjoy this once in a lifetime opportunity.

We take nothing for granted and are super grateful for this lovely gift bestowed upon us. Kat’s 9 Lives will be leaving for Europe immediately! I’ve booked my flight and thought about packing my bags (which reminds me that I should start). In less than a week I will be leaving for a 3 week adventure all over Europe! Stay tuned for all the sights and stories from my travels. I have even acquired a digital SLR to spice up the photos! Soon I will be mapping out my foodie journey.

Of course I would love for all my readers to comment or e-mail me suggestions on where the best eats are. My current itinerary will be: starting out in Milan, to Venice, to Florence, to Pisa, to Rome, to the Vatican, to Barcelona, to Roses, to Paris, and back to the good ole United States! Sounds crazy?? Well you have NO IDEA. I am going to be packing it in! Whatever is famous there, I will be there. Whatever is tasty, I will be there. Will I be deathly poor after this trip? You better believe it! Will it be worth it? HECK YAH! There’s really no time to breathe or second guess on this tight trip. I’ll just have to keep going like the Energizer Bunny! If you think there is something I must see, somewhere I must go, or somewhere I must try just let me know.

Time is short. I am almost outta here, but don’t worry I will be checking in and trying my best to keep everyone updated! For the most part I will only be using an iPad, so I will most likely upload to my Facebook Fan Page if you would like to check for the most current updates and any awesome pics I take!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Event :
Third Annual Toyota Farm to Table Tour Visits South Pasadena Farmers Market

Date :
Thursday, April 14
from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m

Location :
Historic South Pasadena by the Metro Gold Line at Mission Station
913 Meridian Ave., South Pasadena, CA 91030

Website :

Ticket Price :

Description :

Now in its third year, the Toyota Farm to Table tour brings together notable local chefs and farmers to showcase the connection between farmers, chefs, farmers’ markets and the communities they serve. Throughout the event, celebrated local chefs will prepare thousands of complimentary bite-sized tastings that highlight fresh, local ingredients while providing guests a great opportunity to learn more about the market, the specialty farmers, the chefs, and ways to eat and shop locally. In addition, market visitors will also have the opportunity to experience Toyota’s newest hybrid vehicles.

“We are thrilled that the South Pasadena Farmers Market was selected by the Toyota Farm to Table Tour,” said Greta Dunlap, Market Manager. “This event ties in with part of our mission to support local growers which helps preserve open space, cut down on fuel costs and supports a clean environment.”

The South Pasadena Farmers market will also introduce their new logo on totes which will be for sale at this event. “Market patrons are encouraged to shop using greener practices by bringing their own containers and reusable bags to the market each week,” said Dunlap.

Some of Southern California’s top chefs participating in this year’s event at the South Pasadena Farmers Market include:

Susan Feniger Susan Feniger’s STREET

Paul Rosenbluh Firefly Bistro

Bill DisselhorstFiore Market Café

Jennifer Kreft and Derrick Shields Nicole’s Gourmet Foods

Sally Cook Heirloom Bakery & Cafe

Tim Guiltinan The Raymond Restaurant

Erica Lins Mike & Anne’s Restaurant and Bar

Luis Alfonso Ortega Banuelos Shiro Restaurant

Kyu Yi Gus’s Barbecue

A complete list of participating chefs will be released closer to the event date at (Chefs subject to change)

"The quality of the product I use when cooking is evident in the final dishes I serve. The fresher the ingredient the better the end result will be,” said Paul Rosenbluh, Chef at Firefly Bistro. “I think the Toyota Farm to Table Tour is a wonderful event that will help everyone see the value of farmers markets and fresh produce for the whole community."

First look at the newest addition to the Prius family – The Prius v

The Farm to Table Tour will also give market visitors a fresh look at Toyota’s extensive line of fuel-efficient, hybrid vehicles, including the newest addition to the Prius family —the Prius v— which will go on sale later this year. Attendees looking for a vehicle that complements their lifestyle will be able to preview the all-new Prius v as well as test drive the 2011 Prius, Camry Hybrid and Highlander Hybrid, which are currently on sale at dealerships. Those who take part in a test drive will take home a signature John Boos cutting board as a memento of the experience.

“For the third year in a row, the Toyota Farm to Table Tour is helping us connect with local communities while drawing attention to the importance of farmers’ markets and eating locally,” said Keith Dahl, Toyota National Manager of Engagement Marketing. “This tour lets us celebrate our customers’ passion for environmental stewardship and showcase our fuel-efficient, hybrid vehicles. Whether it’s young families looking to increase cargo space, or city drivers interested in the latest plug-in technology, there is a Prius for everyone and the Farm to Table Tour is giving farmers’ market shoppers the first chance to see our newest technology in action.”

In addition to the free tastings and test drives, visitors who participate in the day’s activities will also have the opportunity to select complimentary potted culinary herbs from the Toyota Mobile Garden. A specialist will be on hand to individually pot the plants and answer general questions about gardening. All herb plants are sourced from local vendors at the market.

In support of all of the benefits that farmers’ markets offer their communities, the Toyota Farm to Table Tour will also make a financial donation to the each participating market. In addition, throughout the tour, eco-friendly materials will be used and carbon credits through TerraPass will be purchased to offset the impact of the tour’s carbon footprint.

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