Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Recently there were some great deals and cash back bonuses for the Revlon Custom Eyes Mascara. Did I really need mascara? Nah, but I can't pass up a great deal! I basically got this product for FREE after all my wheeling and dealing. So why not test out the product for fun? I have a lot of beauty products but never bother to use it because I don't really need make-up because I have a lot of naturally defined features. My eyelashes are definitely one of them and I like them to look full and luxurious. They normally are super curly and full without any make-up so it shouldn't be that tough to enhance, right?

Well I finally decided to open my new Revlon Custom Eyes Mascara. At first I didn't really get the 1 and 2 feature. Initially I thought there were TWO separate mascara applicator wands, but after I finally opened the package I realized that you twist to get the supposed "different" applicators. To be honest, what difference??? I fixated and focused my eyes on the wand as I twisted and couldn't really tell if it really changed much. Look 1 is supposedly for "Length & Drama" and Look 2 is "Length & Definition". When you can't really see the difference in mascara applicator I doubt there is any difference in the end result.
The brush does separate the eyelashes well

Did NOT see any length or definition
Felt like there was LESS definition and drama
Ended up making my eyelashes look SPARSE, supposedly from the side someone told me they looked good but front on they looked baron
The ad I found online doesn't even look that well done. To be honest I am NOT a fan of Jessica Biel and wouldn't want my face to look like her in any way. She looks old in that photo and the eyelashes look hideous! Maybe next time I will take a pic of my eyelashes to show how undefined this mascara makes them. I had to use another brand to add more pizazz to the overall effect. Needless to say I was NOT satisfied with this customer.

Kat's 9 Lives rating:


Diamond Dog said...

Oh Kat,

I wish you wouldn't do this. I really liked the fact that this was a food blog! And it seems like you are back to doing more OC stuff. Please don't take this departure to blog about make up in this nice food blog.

Diamond Dog - Censored by the OC Weekly

Kat said...

Thanks for reading! Don't worry it is still a food blog and I will add random product reviews for fun right now. I do it with food products as well and will implement the paws rating for fun right now. I will be putting up more about food tonight, I promise! O=) and about Vegas, so please keep on reading.

Deutschland said...

I had fun when i first use mascara because i dont know how to use it.hahaha!

No I wasn't joking, I bought a house said...

So I know this is like a really old post, but I just got Custom eyes mascara.... and I went online to figure out how to use it, it looks so bad! It doesn't separate at all!!! Damn $8 down the drain. shoot

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