Monday, March 21, 2011

My new obsession is all about beauty products! I enjoy getting my monthly facial to brighten any dull skin or to even just lay back and be pampered! After all, I am working hard for my money and I deserve to treat myself out once in a while! ^_~ Every girl needs a little now time. So listen up gentleman and boys! Here are some handy tips to help bring a huge smile on your gal's face or even just your good friends. It's not just about looking good on the outside but also feeling great on the inside. After all, everyone is gorgeous on the inside. Why not use some great products to bring out your natural beauty?
So this will be the launch of a new segment onto Kat's 9 Lives. I will share any random finds, may it be food or beauty products. My new rating scale will be a cute "paws" system. I will use a scale from 1-5 paws because I don't feel like generating more than that. Needless to say 1 paw is not a good thing and the more paws the better! This will be something exclusive to products for now and not the restaurant reviews. I am hoping to join the Las Vegas Convention this year to bring to my readers the most up to the moment beauty products. There's so many great products out there and I will start testing them out for you! =D
Join me on my new adventure and fascination as Kat's 9 Lives will start growing and spreading topics of interest. I working hard on the new layout to come!


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