Sunday, March 6, 2011

On a late night run, I went to Carl's Jr. with my trusty coupon to grab a desperate snack. While there, I noticed that they did not have any gloves on while handling my food. Is that acceptable? I pose this question to all my readers. How do you know their hands are clean? They could be the person taking your order and handling your cash, then they run straight off to preparing your food? Do you know how dirty money can be? @_@
For me, I think if you are preparing food in plain sight of the customer you should really take care in appearing to be cleanly so that they won't have any complaints. This has happened to me once before even with Cheesecake Factory up in the Bay Area. After watching how they handled food right at the front made me vow NEVER to return. No gloves and one dirty dish rag that they all share did not comfort me into returning. If they do that right in front of you, I don't even want to fathom about what happens behind the scenes. *puke*
So tonight I saw the staff at Carl's Jr. using just their hands. I am not sure if I should be disgusted or just brush it off as what happens at fast food places. Any opinion? I do know that the people at Subway always use a glove, which should be the way food is prepared. Have you ever noticed that Sushi Chefs never use gloves? Somehow I can understand as long as they keep their hands clean and I see them wash their hands. So when is it acceptable for people who prepare our food not to use gloves? Interesting thought... do tell!


Griffin said...

I think it is pretty common at both fast food and regular restaurants for the food prep people to make your food without gloves. I always purposely try to not watch any food prep people because I know I don't want to see what happens behind the scenes.

Cliff said...

I used to work at Noah's bagels. We used gloves, to ensure food sanitation, but the problem is not everybody changes their gloves often enough. For me, it was pretty easy since I got pretty OCD about it, so I'd constantly be switching gloves if I touched anything that wasn't in the food making area...but other people take orders and grabbed bagels with the same gloves. I've seen at school cafeterias where people wear gloves...but they drop order tickets on the floor and pick them back up with gloves and put them on the sandwich bar...not very sanitary.

Guess what I'm trying to say is wearing gloves is just to give the impression of sterility but it's far from it. I might actually be more comfortable if they weren't wearing gloves because people are more inclined to wash their hands if they touch something gross, but they "forget" to do the same if they are wearing gloves.

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