Monday, March 14, 2011

I need to go shopping at H-Mart more often! The Irvine location now offers on the weekend a variety of food stands. As you walk in there is a Fresh Roasted Chestnut stand and a Hot Pastries/Dessert Stand. When did H-Mart become like a night market? I love the idea! Everyone there is super friendly and courteous. I know this is a Korean supermarket but I swear they were speaking Japanese.
The most tempting stand is the fresh made hot pastries. Inside these crisp shells are custard or red bean filling. Make sure not to be too greedy and order enough to eat there because they tend to become soggy as they cool. They are best when they are piping hot and fresh. Sink your teeth into the lightly crisp outer layer and into the steaming hot center filled with sweet goodness.
I personally don't like red beans, so I wouldn't really recommend them. The whole red beans inside are definitely not for me, but if you love the texture of chunks of red bean then you would like this filling. My one qualm is that the red beans barely have any filling inside.
The custard is better because it melts and fills the center. It's very interesting to see them pump the dough into the preset molds and add the fillings.
As I started shopping around the supermarket, my Mom notices the Takoyaki stand. Of course she wanted to get some to eat because they looked good. I didn't get to see them made freshly, but the bright side is I didn't have to wait as they cooked. There wasn't a line, so another plus.
I chose Shrimp and Octopus (Tako). They do offer a vegetable option for anyone who is a vegetarian. I thought the flavors were not bad and there was a decent amount of shrimp and octopus. The texture of the takoyaki was very firm and not undercooked or overcooked at all.
Watching as the nice gentleman drizzle the mayo and sweet sauce in an artistic manner only makes me wish I ordered more. Then he tops it off with fresh chopped green onions and a generous helping of bonito flakes. Yum! Itadakimasu! H-Mart
2100 Alton Pkwy
Irvine, CA 92606
(949) 833-0111


Kelly von Hemert said...

Kat:MMmmmmm, octolicious! I haven't been able to find them in OC via their site. Do they have a regular stop at H-Mart?

Kat said...

Hey Kelly,

I asked the associates there and they said that they offer the street food stands every weekend. I recommend that you go maybe Saturday towards the evening. O=) Get the hot desserts! So delicious!

Unknown said...

Nice pics! Hmart always has good prices on canned coconut water as well!

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