Friday, March 11, 2011

Guru Palace is a new addition to Tustin (or so the flyer says). They offer free delivery which is always a plus. Sometimes you just don't have the time to grab lunch or even leave to pick up. With gases sky rocketing, I need a place that delivers! Their lunch offer seemed pretty decent. For $8 they offer Tandoori Chicken, 1 Vegetable dish (no choice), Butter Chicken or Curry Chicken, Samosa, Rice, and Naan plus a choice of dessert.
Keep in mind, I am sure they offer a buffet at their restaurant for about the same price. So yes, it's a pretty good deal but if you eat there it's an even better deal! Most Indian restaurants offer an All You Can Eat Lunch Buffer under $10. Even though I have not been there myself, I am pretty sure they would be doing the same too. For now, I will settle for delivery because the portions are quite reasonable. They offered us Garlic Naan and I don't think they extra charged us for it either.
The Butter Chicken was super tasty in my opinion. It resembles Chicken Tikka Masala but in a richer sweeter and savory sauce minus tomatoes. I love dipping the naan into these creamy sauces for flavor. For me, it's best to pair the meal with some Mango Lassi. I thought it was very sweet and tasty. I will definitely have to get another one. Even though they took a while to deliver, it was worth the wait. I will probably order it again this week.
Guru Palace
17292 McFadden Ave
Tustin, CA 92780

(714) 832-9988
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