Monday, February 7, 2011

Yes, you read that right. I said BACON flavored microwave popcorn. This was one of the products show cased at The Winter Fancy Food Show. I received an email to stop by their booth to pick up my own BACON lip balm, popcorn, and even flavored envelopes! lol They even had a special batch of Jones Bacon Soda there. I was so ready to chug one down if they were available.
Who doesn't love having bacon in everything?! From bacon rimming salt to bacon flavored sunflower seeds, on their table there was a wide array of bacon infused products, which is definitely something to look into.
After a long arduous yet fun trip to SF for the show, I finally got the chance to try out the popcorn. At first when I tried one cup of their popcorn, I have to be honest and say that I wasn't too impressed. Still, the guys there were so cheerful and gracious. They stuffed my bag with a bag of unpopped bacon and cheddar bacon flavored microwave popcorn along with bacon flavored envelopes. Can't wait to lick and try the envelopes out lol.
Fresh popped popcorn is definitely the best. We decided to microwave the cheddar bacon. The instructions are on the back. Be sure to watch the bag carefully as to not burn the bacon and make sure to shake it up! After a minute or so, your house or apartment will be saturated with the delicious aroma of cooked bacon mixed with buttery popcorn. The smell was intoxicating but what matters most is the taste...
We did a good job monitoring the popping and we didn't lose many kernels as well as not burning the popcorn. The bacon flavor was very subtle. I think it might be personal preference, but we like more flavorful items. The popcorn was good but we agreed that it needed a little more salt and more bacon flavor to make it stand out. We just wished the aroma matched the taste, but nonetheless there is a lot of potential here. Who doesn't want to keep cheddar bacon popcorn around the house for emergency cravings or movie nights? After we reached the end of the bag, we were very tempted to lick all the bacon flavor or bits that might be stuck to the bag... **Homer Simpson's drooling sound**


Ms Lin said...

Bacon is always good - yum!!

Kat said...

OMG you are reading? Must be a full moon =D Yup BACON is the bomb! We can eat more popcorn when you come home. Movie time!

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