Saturday, January 15, 2011

I had a pedicure EMERGENCY! What was I to do when I had a flight out the next morning up to SF and no time to resolve the issue? Well I had to turn to the internet and do some research on which nail salon in SF could solve my problem and not cost me an arm and a leg! We all know that living in SF is expensive and the rent must be through the roof so of course the prices for service are the same. After a long time of researching online, I came upon Juicy Nails. They offer a mani/pedi for $29. In So Cal I usually pay $15 for a pedicure and know some great places that are $15-$20 for a mani/pedi, but hey I am no longer in Kansas anymore.
Tucked away behind the massively busy streets of Chinatown is the quaint Juicy Nails that also offers waxing. The women working here are super nice and attentive. They were all very welcoming and working diligently. June, Jerrica, and Lynn are really great. I had read online about June and how hardworking she is at what she does and by luck got her as both my manicurist and pedicurist. It is true that she doesn't talk that much but that is only because she is concentrating super hard at what she is doing to provide the utmost service. I had a severe injury on my big toe that was so painful that I needed immediate attention and fast. Throughout the whole service, I took note that she was always aware of that toe and took precaution not to put me in more pain, which was very sweet of her. After she worked on the toe, to be extra sure that the nail was fine she asked Lynn to help and they both tried their best. I was grateful that they were trying so hard and provided a great service.
For the manicure, I thought it was very interesting the way she was filing the nail and ensuring that they would be even. After they have done the traditional manicure, they use hot paraffin lotion to massage your hands and feet then wipe it off with a hot towel and a dry towel. What really set them apart in my book is how they do their pedicures. I am really tall and I always hate how I have to sit uncomfortably squished to get my toes painted. Here they let you rest your feet on the chairs foot rest and they paint your nails. I can comfortably recline as they make my toes beautiful. They did a great job painting my nails. I love how they look a little fake but they are my real nails. =D
Juicy Nails is a great find. I have convinced Ms. Lin to visit them next time for her hands and feet. The room has is always filled with a nice smell and no strong odor of nail polish. They have nice hot stones in all the soaks and they offer a wide variety of special pedicure soaks with real flowers that would be great for a rainy day. The prices may be low but service is great and they really take their time to make sure that you are satisfied with everything. Be sure to book ahead of time because they are a quaint little business that can get very busy and become fully booked. They are definitely worth it! I will be back again the next time I am up.

Juicy Nails

1015 Pacific Ave
San Francisco, CA 94133

(415) 931-8881


Unknown said...

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