Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I have made a pact with the kind people of Cachamai that I would post pictures of their tea in honor of their adorable donkey mascot and upon completion I will be able to welcome it home! They have a wonderful symbol/logo/mascot! Everyone at the booth was super friendly and knowledgeable about all their teas. They were a refreshing change for South Hall at the NASFT Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco after the horrendous experience I had at the Italian section. The specific company doesn't even deserve to be mentioned here. I have launched complaints on my fan page for full information. That aside, the Argentinian tea offered by Cachamai are herbal teas that offer a lot of healthy properties.
One of their signature teas is the Boldo. A special herb named by the Mapuche tribe of South America. This exotic herb is originally from Chile and is unique for its medicinal properties. Having the Boldo after a heavy meal is great.
So why the mascot of the donkey? They kindly explained to me that back in the days the donkeys were used to carry the tea leaves. Cachamai has been around for over 50 years and they offer a wide variety of healthy teas that are safeguarded with the highest quality control.
Hopefully I will have my donkey soon! =)

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