Wednesday, December 29, 2010

California weather has been temperamental this winter season with its freezing nights and heavy rain. I love eating hot pot in SGV when it is cold, as do everyone else. The only way to finish off a heavy meal is dessert. Ms. Lin and I were both too lazy to drive further for the shaved ice at SinBala or Half & Half. We gave up the notion of having a refreshing shaved ice on one of the coldest nights. Still, I wanted to get a drink at Phoenix Inn Boutique so we made a detour.
The place was packed to the brim and steaming up the windows because every single person there was drinking a hot dessert soup. I immediately ordered my Fresh Mango, Coconut Milk, and Sago drink. I love the smooth creamy sweetness with little bits of mango to nibble on followed by tiny little sagos with a bounce. Impulse buying was the theme of the night. I wanted some durian pudding but they no longer make that and they told me the Coconut Durian Roll was just as good. Each roll had a slice of durian. Stinky good! lol
There was only a few brave souls who shared a shaved ice that caught my eye. I looked on their menu and found that they had Mango Shaved Ice. Originally this was a drop and go but I had to call Ms. Lin to let her know about what they had and asked if she wanted to come in for the shaved ice. The portion was actually very generous and we thoroughly enjoyed it. At first people might have thought we were crazy because it was freezing outside but after seeing how tasty it looked, people would start pondering on ordering one. I loved that there was sago mixed in with the mango. They also drizzle a mango syrup mixed with condensed milk that makes it so sweet and tasty. A great way to end a heavy meal!
After watching so many people sipping on the piping hot Sweet Sesame Soup, Ms. Lin caved in and ordered a cup to eat with the shaved ice. We like it hot n cold apparently. The black sesame soup was very well made. Yes, it is similar to the ones you can buy and make at home but the one here was very reasonably priced. It was thick and flavorful. Definitely a great treat on a bone-chilling night.Phoenix Inn Boutique
220 E Valley Blvd
Alhambra, CA 91801
(626) 299-1918
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樂美 said...

I think the Coconut Durian roll is amazing! Looking forward to try the Mango one!

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