Tuesday, December 7, 2010

To tantalize my readers further and those of you who haven't bought your ticket yet to the Inaugural Napa Truffle Festival I am posting the dinner menu for Saturday. If you can't make it to the entire event, you can purchase your seat for the dinner separately! Don't forget to check out the Epicurean Market on Sunday as well! 13-Michelin Star Truffle Dinner Menu

Saturday December 11, 2010

Soft Farm Egg with Burgundy Truffle and Truffle Toast
Chef Ken Frank of La Toque

Fresh Black Truffle Salad with Fleur de Sel and Foie Gras-Celery Remoulade
Chef Sylvain Portay of Le Louis XV, Mix, and Adour

Spot Prawn with Black Truffles and Vinaigrette of its Head Juices
Chef David Kinch of Manresa

Cabillaud, Salsify with Spanish Onions and Brown Butter Burgundy Truffle Sauce
Chef Josiah Citrin of Mélisse

Modern Duck Pot au Feu in a Black Truffle Nage
Chef Gabriel Kreuther of The Modern

Zabouton, Barolo Vialone Nano Risotto with Roasted Red Beets, Burgundy Truffles and Beef Jus
Chef Nancy Oakes of Boulevard

Warm, Cool and Iced Truffled Sweets
Chef Deborah Yee-Henen of La Toque


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