Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Today is a momentous occasion to celebrate and I am launching a new segment to the site. It's time I shouted out to those who deserve praise and put others in their place! O=D I will start listing and changing out the layout of the site so that every time I put one up they will appear on the list. Keep in mind that their is no specific ranking because that would take too long for me to think about. Not surprising that it is much easier for me to come up with companies I HATE than the ones I LOVE. Of course to celebrate my 600th post and a wonderful year, I am going to start by inaugurating a company that I have loved since I was a kid!

**Drum Roll Please**
I LOVE NINTENDO! Who doesn't? I remember from when I was a little kid when I first played Nintendo Entertainment System and discovered the wonders that is Super Mario Bros! The whole family would gather around and play the game. It was a team effort to finish the game. All the oohs and ahhs that reverberate through the room as the Mario Bros. faces different perils.
Call me sentimental but I simply adored my Gameboy from Nintendo! I remember the endless hours I spent play Tetris. Everyone was hooked and into challenging one another for a showdown. Every time Gameboy changed I was always enamored and wanted it! Of course I don't think I ever had more than one system but as a kid, who didn't want all the toys in the world. I remember the red case that I bought to store all my games and batteries for on the go. For a kid that was their whole world! =D
Next came the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. I still remember the fun I had with Ms. Lin playing Donkey Kong where we both could play together! We spent tons of time through each world and strategizing how to past each level as a dual. Sometimes we only had one player playing if the other can't achieve the goal. Great times! Who can forget the time when I won a new game from eating a pack of Oreos! True Story! I don't think I ever played the game but as a kid to win the game was like a dream come true!
It's sad to admit but I did take a break and didn't buy my next console until the Nintendo DS, which rekindled my love for Nintendo. The new games were super addicting. I couldn't stop playing WarioWare for NDS. This game is really addicting and I swear whoever created this game was on CRACK! Some of the concepts had to be made up when they were high on many many many types of drugs. I crack up when I play it.
Nothing can beat Nintendo when they introduced Nintendo Wii!!!! Many people spent days and endless hours trying to hunt down this glorious machine. It really brought the family together! Even my family who never eats together at the dinner table came together to play the Wii Bowling, Tennis, and more! The fun is endless and I still can't stop laughing my head off when I look at the Mii's I created for the family. If you don't have a Wii, then you are crazy! I really want the new black Wii even though I already have a white one. Needless to say Nintendo slaughtered PS3 in sales and rightly so!
Nintendo will always have a special spot in my heart. I love them and I am proud to say it! The fun is endless and the memories are priceless. I still can't stop buying Super Mario Bros. games! Just writing this post makes me miss my NDS and Wii at home. Maybe it is time for game night. Invite friends over to watch the wriggle and squirm around along with a great laugh! ^_-
A Great Big Thanks to all my loyal readers and friends! Thanks for following Kat's 9 Lives! I have had a wonderful time interacting with everyone! Here's another 600! ^_^


Bumblebee said...

OMG if you love Donkey Kong you must watch the movie "The King of Kong" - its about the underground world of competitive "classic" games. Kept me on the edge of my seat!

Kat said...

Ooh thanks for the recommendation! I will have to check out the movie. Ms. Lin and I use to play Donkey Kong together and I still crack up when I think of all the funny tricks we use to do. Great times! I love Nintendo =D We should all get together to play Wii. Of course no cameras to document the embarrassing moves lol. Haven't seen you in a while but hope you and Honeybee had an awesome time hanging out last weekend! ^_^

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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