Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Today was the opening of DG Burger by the Charlie Palmer Group. What does DG stand for? Damn Good! The previous private dining section in Charlie Palmer has now been turned into DG Burger by day and back to fine dining at night. DG Burger is open 11:30 AM - 4:00 PM daily, but if there are no private parties and customers there hungry for a burger they will stay open serving burgers.
As to celebrate their Grand Opening, DG Burger offers FREE BURGER to the First 300 customers and a lot of people caught wind of the news! When I arrived at 10:30 AM for the Media Preview there were already a few people in line. As the afternoon went on, the line started getting longer and longer. So long that it wrapped around the corner of Bloomingdale's!
In need of a quick lunch? Stop in to DG Burgers for a good ole fashioned burger and shake. They will take your order and give you a number. Just display the number at the center of the table and they will bring the burger right out to you. No fuss no muss.
So what's the secret behind these burgers? The patty is a combo of beef chuck, the fattier parts of short rib, and hangar steak. They have been experimenting with the bun. The dough is made out of unbleached wheat flour and potato flour. All the buns are buttered and toasted. I like how they grilled the burgers to medium rare so that the Black Angus beef patties are juicy with each bite.
The fries were nicely fried, but the best part was the sauces. Alone, the fries were very tasty but we enjoyed exploring the different dipping sauces. If I had more time, I would have loved drizzling some of these on the burger to bring out a different kick. (Clockwise from left) Chipotle Aioli, Curry Ketchup, Roasted Garlic Sour Cream, and Bacon Mayo. I thought each of them had a spunk and went great with the fries. The curry flavor added a nice pizazz to the ketchup and garlic in my sour cream? Sold! How can anyone say no to bacon? They all are definitely worth trying!
We were able to try the Sausage Sandwich with grilled garlic sausage and roasted peppers in a semolina hoagie. Even though the buns are similar, I liked the hoagie bun a little bit more because it was thinner and crispier. The sausage was plump and had a bite. Personally I'd stick to the burger but if you ever want to switch it up, it is good to know that you have choices.
To enjoy the sausage and burger they offer a wide variety of sodas, shakes, beer, and wine. I grabbed a bottle of Mexican Coca-Cola and Henry Weinhard's Orange Cream. Got to love the different taste of Coca-Cola across the border. The orange cream does taste like a orange creamsicle too! lol
They took a while to bring out the shakes but they were definitely worth the wait! Yum! We tried their Strawberry and Malted Chocolate Milk Shakes that were so deliciously flavorful and sweet. Even though it is cold outside now, they still hit the spot! Next time I am shopping in South Coast Plaza, I just might have to do a grab and go! I love a refreshing shake! No fake foamy flavor here. Just wholesome fresh ingredient taste.
DG Burger
South Coast Plaza
3333 Bristol Street
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 361-4264


Liz said...

I missed this?!?! It looks good!

Kat said...

Oh no! =*( Sorry! I would have let you know sooner but I only found out about it the day before after I flew back. Maybe next time, but you should definitely check out those malted shakes! Yum =D

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