Friday, September 10, 2010

Is it so wrong to want cupcakes on your birthday? The cake I got from 99 Ranch’s Desir was a big disappointment this year so I was hankering for a redeeming sweet. Food Truck gathering in Irvine was the answer I was looking for. They have a truck called Oh For Sweets Sake. I’ve seen it around many times but have yet to try them. The first time they ran out of sweets and left. Of course there was this empty hole that I needed to fill with CUPCAKES! After a nice lunch at Barcelona On The Go, I was determined to buy cupcakes.

Actually when they opened I was browsing and the lady asked if I wanted to order… somehow I felt this negative energy and attitude from her. I must say for being a sweets/dessert truck they really aren’t that sweet! Some of the cupcakes in the case looked prettier than others, while some just looked like what a kid would make at home. Overall I didn’t think that they were very professional.

Still, I wanted cupcake for my b-day and by golly I am going to get some! I had to have the Simply Red Velvet - Southern Style Light Chocolate Cake topped with Fluffy Cream Cheese Frosting. I thought the icing was just okay. It was sweet but not so unbearable like others I’ve had before. The cake itself was unimpressive. I felt like you can taste the baking powder. *shudders*

Being as greedy as I am, I wanted TWO cupcakes so I asked the guy which is better. In the end I decided to get the Double Chocolate - Chocolate Cake filled with Chocolate and topped with Chocolate Buttercream. The frosting was rich, chocolaty, and a tad on the sweet side. Thank goodness I went home to eat these with milk. The cake was a little bit more moist but still nothing special. There’s suppose to be cream inside and I gave up on both cupcakes before even hitting the middle.

All in all I felt very very sad about my b-day cake quest =**( this year. Oh For Sweet Sake really didn’t hit the spot and I wasted $6. Sigh… I should have just went to Sprinkles and bought a cupcake. At least they are passable and more enjoyable. Darn my laziness to drive. New plan, I make hot brownies at home to eat all by myself. O=D


kelly von hemert said...

Hi Kat! It was super cool to meet you in person tonight at just-spotted. Looking forward to keeping up with 9 lives!

Kat said...

It was great meeting you too! Can't wait to keep up with your site too. =D

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