Friday, September 24, 2010

How To Get On “Let’s Make A Deal”

  1. You are supposed to dress up to attend the taping. Of course you have the option to wear normal clothing or choose to buy some knick knacks in a vending machine when you get there. They SAY you can be selected even without a costume, well that is a bunch bull so don’t believe it. They are probably paid to say that so that they can claim to be equal opportunity and not get sued.

  1. The best costume will most likely not get on the show. If you think you have a great costume and you are a shoe in to be selected… well… you are WRONG! The way to be chosen is to look like a buffoon. Be the most outlandish or ridiculous thing you can think of and you will have a great chance of being chosen. What do I mean? Well definitely consider hideous funky colored wigs and putting lots of funky items all over your head or body.

  1. Pick a theme. If you choose a costume that has to do with a game they can make up then you will probably be selected.

  1. If you are married or are a couple, there is a higher chance of you being selected. Have you been together for a long time? They like couples with a story or a sweet old couple that you just want to say “Awwww” will definitely be chosen. I think they deserve a chance at the spotlight because I said, “Awwww”.

  1. Does age matter? Based on the 2 tapings I watched, sort of. The older people have a higher chance because of the “Awwww” factor but never count out the people who look hot in their costume (in an appropriate manner) or the sob stories.

  1. There is an interview process where they select a few people to be shown to Wayne Brady. He gets the final say in who he chooses and you will be seated accordingly. They SAY that they can pick anyone from the audience based on your excitement and more but I believe it really is pre-selected. To be honest, chances are that it won’t be you unless you fit the bill of what I described.

  1. Will looking at him and shouting at him really get his attention? NOPE! Remember that there is a full studio audience doing the same thing, but you still have to try and be ridiculously excited flailing your arms in hopes of getting his attention.

  1. Head gear helps! Most people who were selected either had a wig, hat, mask, or more. Standing out is key and not by having an awesome costume, again… Look stupid! You want to be the person that makes people who walk by you to take a second look and have a weird facial expression or laughing at you. Your best chances to get on.

  1. If you haven’t caught on yet… don’t believe a word they say. Do NOT stay for the 2nd taping or more. They SAY that they will more likely pick returning guests than new audience members. Well that is a bunch BULL. They spent the time interviewing them didn’t they? Why would they select from the old group when they aren’t worth being chosen the first time? Yes, some will be chosen but don’t count on it. I say go home or leave and enjoy the rest of your wasted day. The first taping is fun and exciting but by the second one you will not be in the same mood. Also it really depends on how fun the contestants are.

Well I hope these tips help or warrant you away from the taping. If I knew about this earlier, I wouldn’t have agreed. In reality I still might be tempted to go for the “chance” but I have to say FAT CHANCE. I regret wasting so much time driving in traffic and sitting through the whole process. Makes me thank goodness that I didn’t do the American Idol audition for fun, not seriously trying or thinking that I am the world’s best singer as many crazy people out there do. I will take resting at home and enjoying my day thank you. Good luck to those who want to try! I hope the tips help and you get on to win some great prizes!


Tony C. said...

Great post. I got here through Google. I don't know much about the modern Let's Make a Deal and now I do. Thank you for being so thorough.

Kat said...

Thanks for reading! ^_^ Glad I can help. I had never seen the classic version of Let's Make a Deal, but I felt like it would be good to share my experience and details to others.

If you ever go on or try out for the show, hope you get on!

Drea said...

I love your blog! Great post on Let's Make A Deal! I love this show!

Anonymous said...

Thanks soooooo much! Lol. This is going to be my first game show and I'm certain your tips will help a great deal!! :)

Kellie said...

So I have a question? I am going to be a great queen of hearts costume, my husband is going to be the cop from Reno 911 or a 70's lounge lizard and my daughter..we are not quite sure...what do you think?

Anonymous said...

My husband and I had a great time with our group. They love energetic and lively people but in the end it all comes down to being yourself, not expecting to be called up, and having a blast. I've waited in theme park lines longer than it took for us to get seated in the audience at Let's Make a Deal. I loved the commercial breaks because you get to dance Haha Don't forget to bring a water bottle and some snacks!

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