Monday, September 27, 2010

Strut down the red carpet and show off your inner Hollywood style! Blogger Prom’s theme for 2010 was Hollywood Confidential at Yamashiro. Every woman came with their classy and elegant dresses whilst the guys had an easier job of looking suave with their fedora on top. It was truly a swanky Hollywood Glam night. Yamashiro’s located high above the city with their own gardens to walk through. Atop you get to see the beauty that is Los Angeles . The air is fresh and the view is breathtaking both in the day time and at night.

Casually stroll up the stairs and into the fabulous Yamashiro pond area for a wondrous evening filled with music, food, drinks, and fun! As you check in you get to meet the wonderful Blogger Prom Committee who worked so hard to organize this amazing event.

A great big thanks to:

Esther - E*Star LA

Tara - Tara Met Blog

Caroline - Caroline on Crack

Natalie - The Liquid Muse

Marni - Happy Go Marni

H.C. - LA OC Foodie

Maya - Shop Eat Sleep

Lindsay - Squash Blossom

I totally missed out on the great photos taken by Heather Kincaid. Above is a great photo of the committee. As you can see a lot of fun was had by all! =)

My love is for food and there's a special taco provided by Chef Brock. Before everyone else arrived Ms. Lin and I got in line for some delicious tacos. The Featured Blogger Prom Taco was Kleweno Farm's Smoked Sausage with Maple-Black Pepper Aioli. It was tasty and packed full of flavor. The Hoisin Duck Confit with Black Plum Salsa was simply divine with the shredded duck just melting away in your mouth. Loved the delicate taste of the Miso-Sake Black Cod Taco. The Cabernet & Soy Braised Short Rib Taco was flavorful and tender. Soon everyone caught on and the line got really long but it was definitely worth the wait! Delicious from start to finish.

Not only were the tacos superb, the accompaniments were innovative and to die for as well. They offered 3 Salsas : Ginger Pico de Gallo, Wasabi Guacamole, and Sweet Chili Salsa Roja along with 2 Pickles : Bread & Butter Shisitos and Sweet & Spicy Daikon Radish. The real winner for me was the wasabi guacamole! I just might have to start experimenting at home to get that snazzy kick of wasabi amidst the velvety texture of avocados.

Ms. Lin and I were a little worried that we would be underfed and planned on extra food excursions just in case we leave hungry. That definitely was NOT the case here. Yamashiro and Blogger Prom really stood up to the plate! They constantly had very friendly servers bringing fresh trays of snacks. I really enjoyed their Hukilau Poke, which was flavorful and refreshing!

There were trays of Pulled Pork on top of Risotto that was both savory and sweet. Ms. Lin absolutely loved the Fried Chicken covered in Popped Rice. Sure the food was gone in a flash but don't worry they came around rather rapidly and had a wonderful smile on their faces.

Each attendee had 3 drink tickets. Pinky Vodka was one of the sponsors of the night. Serving up a storm of Pinky Confidential:

2 oz. Pinky

1 oz. Chambord

1 oz. fresh lemon juice

1/2 oz. simple syrup

1/2 oz. egg white

Rim a martini glass with powdered sugar. Pour all ingredient into a cocktail shaker. Dry shake for 15 seconds. Add ice, shake again. Gently strain into glass. Provided by The Liquid Muse

There was an amazing selection of cheeses presented by Barrie Lynn - The Cheese Impresario and Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker Joe Widmer. I don't know if it was the crowd but I could have sworn they called the softened cheese, cheese "sex". Nonetheless it was orgasmic with the cashew brittles. I loooove cheese! Each type was paired differently to showcase the flavors.

After the savory delights, mosey on over to ChocolateBox Cafe with there huge selection of gourmet chocolates to satisfy the palette.

Coolhaus was only a few steps away with gigantic cookie jars filled to the brim! For Blogger Prom they offered Sea Salt Caramel, Vanilla Bean, Green Tea, Strawberry Jalapeno, Chocolate Orange Cointreau, Chocolate, and a Sorbet. To sandwich the delicious ice cream you can choose from: Chocolate Chip Cookies, Chocolate Cookies, Snickerdoodle Cookies, Oatmeal Cookies, and Brioche. I chose Sea Salt Caramel between Chocolate Cookies. They stuffed those ice cream sandwiches! Yum! I couldn't believe my ears when I heard a girl say, "I wish they were smaller." You know that is not a food blogger because you never ask for less! lol =) I planned to have more than one but there was so much delicious food to go around that I never made my way back.

Later on in the evening, Crumb Cupcakes showed up with an assortment of their cupcakes. The ding dong/ho ho cupcake was so adorable! By the end of the evening we were so stuffed that we only took a nibble.

So who were King and Queen of the Prom? Food Marathon and my girl JozJozJoz took the throne for the night!

How could you pass up the chance to support and vote for JozJozJoz? This was her campaigning after the fact she won. O=) Always a Queen!

The party was smashing and there so many things going on! I missed out on the Scotch tasting on the other side. By the time we made our way across the pond, they were done. So many great things to do in one night! Will definitely have to strategize better for next year! Note to self : Grab the food and drinks first before the line starts. =)

Everyone looked gorgeous!


Ms. Lin said...

The food was delicious and everyone looked fabulous!

H. C. said...

Very glad that you made it out and had a good time :) Now I wished I tried the wasabi guacamole @ the taco station.

Kat said...

Ms. Lin - I agree! Everything was spectacular!

H.C. - Thank you and everyone on the committee! =) Oh no! You never got to have some of the awesome wasabi guacamole? Alright, if I can actually make a decent model of it I will bring it to you =D

arlenezeller said...

That looks like it was awesome! Prom still makes me think of high school though, lol.

Kat said...

It was great! Too bad you weren't around =*( I want to take you to some great media events since you are back! ^_^

This is MUCH better than our crappy Prom... in the aviation museum... UGH! Don't remind me lol

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