Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Once in a while I get my meat cravings and ponder what would be a good remedy for this hunger. The answer is simple: skewered meat! I love the flavors of Persian food from the seasoned meat to the delicious Basmati rice. Recently PK and I were meeting up for some Persian food and I suggested Hatam II but as fate would have it, they were closed for an event! No signs, nothing. We were a bit put-off but found a solution nearby. I bookmarked House of Kabob for a while now, but never made the effort to try them. At first PK didn't want to risk her limited time and meals in the US on unknown places, but we gave up and headed this way. *note: I used my iPhone for the pics, sorry... forgot the camera*
Big... mistake? Nah, what a great find! It is a bit far away from the freeway for my taste tucked near Portola but it turned out to be worth the trip. They weren't busy and about to close soon but I called ahead to make sure they didn't close early. FYI, call just to check! We were both starving and they began the night with the usual leaven bread and butter, but no onion. Just ask for the raw onion and they will gladly provide it for you.

I debated on what to try because they actually have a good assortment on their menu allowing people to sample a bit of everything. Normally I go with the Beef Soltani and substitute the Beef Koobideh for Chicken Koobideh. After a long debate and some questions, I decided to stick with what I love. The Barg and Koobideh were tender and flavorful. Everything was surprisingly very tasty and I noticed that their Soltani combo is cheaper than the one at Hatam II! Score!
PK debated on which combo to get so that she can get the most out of her meal. She ended up getting the House of Kabob Special that comes with Boneless Chicken Kabob, Boneless Lamb Kabob, and Beef Koobideh. I never order chicken but I must say the one here was super flavorful and tender. That actually might have been the tastiest thing of the night! The lamb and Koobideh were good. PK gave her stamp of approval as she was surprised at how enjoyable the food was.

All in all this is a great place! Actually on my recent trip to Hatam II, I found the food to be sub-par and over cooked! =*( I was so disappointed! Even though they are more costly than House of Kabob, I was too lazy to drive and settled... but after this recent visit, I am only going to House of Kabob for my cravings because I am not wasting another $22 on food that I don't want to eat. Maybe I need to make a trip out there so I can cleanse my palette with yummy Persian food! =)

House of Kabob
20651 Lake Forest Dr #101
Lake Forest, CA 92630
(949) 460-0800
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Unknown said...

House of Kabob? I have been there! It is right next to my work and really good but pricey for the amount of food you get.

Kat said...

Yah it is right next to your work. It's actually pretty reasonably priced for Persian food. Have you gone to Caspian or Hatam II? They are waaaaay over priced @_@ but I didn't know you like Persian, let's go sometime! =D

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