Sunday, August 8, 2010

I have been meaning to upload this for a while for everyone to enjoy. It's about a year later but what better way to commemorate Anibel & Richard's 1 year Anniversary! =D They both sweet, considerate, and thoughtful. You couldn't ask for better friends. With all my heart and love, I wish them an eternity to the infinite power of happiness, love, and to always be surrounded by friends and family. Both of you are such wonderful people that give nothing but the best to their friends and family. That's why you guys are always so busy and elusive because everyone wants a piece of your time! lol

The wedding was filled with many wonderful friends. I got to sit at the best table! Go Table #13!!! Woot Woot! We brought down the house with our screaming and surely cleaned out the open bar! **cough cough Sam & Diego** lol Good times! I was able to meet many wonderful people and make new friends. Thank you so much for inviting me and sharing your special day. Many memories were made on our journey. I still have more videos! Which I will upload.. eventually =) got to save something for your many Anniversaries to come!


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