Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ralph's is having the Private Selection Ice Cream Pints on sale this week for 88 cents! So cheap! It's a great way to beat the heat or finish off a meal. I have been craving some B&J or H-D, but there weren't that many good deals around. Actually I found H-D 2 for $4, which is pretty cheap. Alas, the deal is at Wholesome Choice Market and I am never around that neck of the woods. Ralph's is close by and I was picking up steak for dinner. They have about 6-8 flavors at the store near me. I chose the Moose Track line because they had a great combo of chocolate and peanut butter. =D For that price, I am willing to buy a whole freezer full! Sadly my freezer is already full! =*( Oh well. That doesn't mean that my readers can't get their fill. Be sure to go to your local Ralph's and pick some up for a rainy or even sunny day! The bigger tubs were more expensive per ounce than the small pint. Of course I'd go with the small pints since it is much more convenient!


burumun said...

i shouldn't be buying ice cream and Ralph's is probably not all that good, but that is so cheap ..

Kat said...

haha no you shouldn't be buying... but it's such a great deal!!!! it's not bad.. I liked my Moose Tracks. For 88 cents.. not bad! haha *in a sinister voice* you know you need to buy some because it is such a great deal! O=)

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