Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Quick Word...

I am thinking about changing my reviews. I will be shortening them since they tend to get long. Even though I love being detailed, I am not sure if it's too long for my readers and it does take a lot of time for me to write. There's always a lot of information stored up in my noggin and I am one opinionated woman! So if any of my readers want to know more or pick my brain, just ask. =D Otherwise, I am going to attempt to shorten my posts. I just might put more pictures up because I just love photos!

Thanks for listening and reading as always!

Stay tuned because I am going to start taking over Ms. Lin Guide's blog a little and force her to update as well as be the first guest blogger to open the path for other bloggers who want to guest blog!

Have a wonderful week!

♥ Kat ♥ ♥


DanGarion said...

I'm right there with you on that. But watch out, every time I attempt to shorten my reviews, they always pull me back in!

Kat said...

Ha ha I am glad I'm not alone! =D That's why I like the word... attempt O=D At times I just want to upload the pretty picture and say yay or nay lol

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