Friday, June 25, 2010

What's there to do after an evening at the movies? Kat and I were trying to look up places to go for dessert or a quick grab. Eventually we settled on going to Thạch Chè Hiến Khánh for some dessert since she liked it. Chè is a term that refers to traditional Vietnamese dessert soups or puddings. That is exactly what you will find here. You can almost find the entire color spectrum displayed on the trays. Vietnamese desserts are usually very colorful. They also sell a variety of drinks fill with colorful starches, beans, or black-eyed peas. It's best to come here early because they tend to run out by the end of the day.
I freely admit that I don't know any of the dessert names. My strategy has always been asking or using my visual senses to guide me. With the only clues that I have from what I ordered was I able to find out that the dessert I got should be Chè Chuối. This is a very typical Vietnamese dessert. I just like the simple flavors of Coconut Milk/Creme with Bananas and Tapioca. On top they sprinkled it with Sesame Seeds. The dessert here is a little thicker base and gooier than most places I have had. Also there was a slight sour taste mixed amongst the sweetness. This is normally a safe bet for me because I just like the sweetness from the coconut milk with a little bit of tapioca. Usually I could do without the banana, but that is just me and my "allergies" to all fruits or vegetables or anything healthy. O=9

Thạch Chè Hiến Khánh
9639 Bolsa Ave
Westminster, CA 92683
(714) 839-8143
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