Saturday, June 26, 2010

Wasn't I just at the other place called Thạch Chè Hiến Khánh too? They both have the same name but are the same store? Are they owned by the same people or a family business? I am not sure but they do taste different. The sign on the door looks a bit different. Regardless, PK and I made a trip to this location since I took her to the one located on Bolsa Ave. was not up to her standards. For me, I am not that picky about it because I never plan to buy that much and I just dabble in some of the desserts. PK remembers this location on Westminster and told me that it's the one that her landlady likes. So I allowed myself to splurge a little and try a bit more.
The first thing I grabbed was the Flan Pudding Cup. I am a big fan of flan and they are usually a pretty good deal at Vietnamese dessert places. There weren't any labels, but I am going to assume they are $1 each or maybe a little more. I was satisfied with my choice because while we were waiting a guy came in and bought 10 of them. Must be good or why would he pull so many out of the fridge, right? lol It's close to your typical flan that you can make at home. Personally I think I should just break down and make my own from mix because those are actually pretty tasty! The one here was a little more runny and airy in texture. It wasn't as sweet as the ones from packages. Still, it was nice and refreshing to finish the day off.
I wanted to try one of the desserts displayed and I was about to get the Chè Chuối, banana dessert, but the guy talked me out of it. Every time I step into a store I typically ask what is the best thing they offer or what they would recommend. Somehow he ended up convincing me that I should try the Tri-Colored Tapioca Coconut drink. Against my better judgment, I agreed to give it a go. The drink ended up spilling in my car because the lid was not on too tight. I still managed to salvage the drink, but it was just bland. Since there was coconut milk or creme inside, I would assume that it would be sweet but this was not sweet at all. I was let down because I wanted something sweet, but it all worked out in the end. My Mom is diabetic so she took over and scarfed down the whole thing. =P On our way out from the store, I noticed that they had Mini Sesame Balls in a case by the register. I asked what filling was inside and the lady told me it was Mung Beans. Sign me up! They are 4 for $1 so I picked some up to munch on and so did PK. The exterior was crunchy, but a little bit on the stale side. Still, the flavors was good and they were cheap. They are almost like popcorn because if I had a bucket of them, I probably wouldn't stop munching on them until I reached the bottom. O=9
Thạch Chè Hiến Khánh
9784 Westminster Ave
Garden Grove, CA 92844
(714) 537-5105
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