Wednesday, June 2, 2010

La Gelateria Parmalat was an amazing find in Miami. My whole trip in Miami was packed full of private dinners, events, and parties. It was so hard to find time to get away and stroll down Lincoln Blvd to get a better feel of Miami/South Beach. Even though it had been raining earlier in the day and it was a bit chilly at night, Ms. Lin and I ventured out for a stroll before the private dinner. There was so much to see and so many places to try! Sadly our food schedule was so packed and I wasn't able to try experience more on this popular street that was reminiscent of Europe where you can just sit and people watch. Trying to find a place to try, the beaming neon light of the La Gelateria Parmalat called to me. We had done no research and went in on a whim. Boy am I glad we did! I only wished we had enough time for me to savor this place a few more times before I had to go.
The case display was great. I loved the ingredients in the cup. One that especially caught my eye was the "Flavor of the Day". We couldn't really identify the fruit because it was so unique. I had only discovered Mamey/Sapote earlier that week and another exotic fruit came to view. We just had to try it. Apparently the gelato here is made with Parmalat milk, which is an Italian dairy. **I only just discovered this reading through other reviews while trying to find the fruit's name.** Not sure if this milk makes it creamier but what I had was amazing! I had such great Mangoes on the yacht trip with the wonderful Melissa d'Arabian, so I was on a desperate hunt to find myself some more delicious mangoes! Alas, I really didn't even know where I could pick some up. So imagine how elated I was to find that they had a Mango Gelato here made with real mangoes! I really lucked out because the batch that day was ripe and divine. If you look at the picture closely you can see the fibers from the mango embedded in this heavenly treat. I really regret getting a smaller size with Ms. Lin! Darn my ungreediness that day! I must remember that I should always get the biggest size! lol Live every day like it is my last! lol With that motto it just might be. I really should have walked back after the dinner to pick up some more!
Can anyone correctly identify this fruit? I am not sure what the lady told us. At first I thought it was Guanaba, then I saw in other reviews that looked familiar like Guayaba or Lucuma. After looking at the pictures I want to say it looked more like lucuma, but the display they had out had more grooves poking out. Nevertheless, we liked the taste. It was sweet and had a unique texture. I am glad we got to try it, but the mango was definitely the winner. If I could, I would bring tubs of that home to store and slowly devour at home! I have traveled all over Europe and tried different gelatos from different cities as well as all over the U.S. and I must say this one is definitely near the top. I will say they have an unfair advantage in my heart because they have such wonderful mangoes to use around this area. So jealous! I only wish they would allow me to carry fruits back to California! Darn that rule! >_<#

La Gelateria Parmalat

670 Lincoln Rd
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(786) 276-9475
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Cookie Sleuth said...

Looks yummy! I'm afraid I don't know the mystery fruit, though. Have you tried the Gelato Bar in Studio City ( If not, it's definitely worth a visit. The melon and peach flavors were unbelievable!

Anonymous said...

I am Indonesian and I believe the mystery fruit is Sirsak or Soursop I believe in English. It's a really good, sweet fruit. You can find it in Asian grocery store. =)

Pooch Purple Reign said...

that looks fabulous.... you lucky girl.
i live in a small town southwest ontario , goderich ontario. we have an amazing gelato shop. only 8 - 12 flavs at a time but she makes it herself. she rocks

Kat said...

Thanks for the tip Cookie Sleuth. I will have to make my way there to try them out. I am always in search of great gelato. My friend owns Tutto Amore in Laguna Beach and their gelato is pretty good too. ^_^

Thanks anonymous, I think you are right. I googled the names and the photos did look like the one I took. The name they used was a bit different I think, but it's that fruit. It sort of makes sense now that it is related to Chermoya and Jackfruit.

@laura - Yah, I am lucky I got to travel around for food festivals last year to come across this place ^_^. At least you have a great gelato place near you. I know how you feel, I live in a quiet surburban neighborhood so I don't get cool stuff all the time. The only good thing is I can drive out and hunt for them. O=9

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