Sunday, June 27, 2010

It's about time for me to try the infamous Canteen for breakfast/brunch. Ms. Lin, Trekkie, and I had this place on our list so we had to make a trip out. You know a place must be special if Ms. Lin and I are willing to wake up early for food on a weekend! lol It must have been our lucky day because everyone else was out celebrating and there were parades all around town. There wasn't anyone standing outside waiting and I was able to put my name down immediately. It's a tiny cozy restaurant where you can choose to sit at the bar to get a full diner experience or in the cozy booths. Usually people will have to wait a while before getting a seat since they don't have that many seats but we were able to get a seat within 20 mins. While you wait you can always visit the Academy of Art University adjacent to Canteen. It actually seems like a dorm and I must say the students are lucky to have good food close by, unlike the typical "dorm" food most of us had to endure.
The good and bad thing about us together is that we enjoy food but we tend to over order. O=p Nothing wrong with being greedy, right? lol Our table was not overflowing or anything... There were a bunch of menu items that sounded interesting to try. I really wanted A Big Pancake with Strawberries and Vanilla Sauce. This actually turned out to be the best dish of the morning. It's not your typical pancake. The pancakes is more dense but still maintains the airiness of a fluffy pancake. I like how the center is slightly chewy to add more texture. The light delectable flavor of vanilla really paired well with the pancake. This reminded me of the pancake at The Original Pancake House, but better flavor.
They are supposedly known for their French Toast, so we got the Blueberry French Toast with Sweet Cream Cheese. There are 4 slices of toast, which is a very generous portion. I thought there was a bit too much blueberry sauce that started to over power the toast. That is where the sweet cream cheese comes in to balance out the heavy blueberry sauce. Still, there was definitely a bunch of blueberries swimming freely in the pool of sauce. Overall the toast was nicely coated and cooked to perfection. The outer layer was crisp and soft in the center. Doesn't the picture make you drool? It's a solid French toast for breakfast.
Enough of the sweet stuff, we need some savory dishes to balance out all the sweetness. The Corned Beef Benedict really hit the spot. Thick cuts of corned beef slathered with a thick creamy sauce on top of the nicely poached egg. With one swipe of the fork you would pierce the soft flesh of the egg causing the yolk to drizzle out. Everything came together nicely. The potatoes were nicely flavored. I seriously thought about usurping the entire dish for myself. Darn sharing! lol I like the different layers with their different textures that keeps your mouth guessing. Beforehand, I would never say that I am a fan of Eggs Benedict but I am going to add it to my repertoire now.
Being as greedy as we are, we had to get a fourth dish. I didn't want to be fussy so I let them choose... wrong choice! Next time I am going to speak up more =P We ordered the Fish Hash with Potatoes, Curry, and a Poached Egg. This dish was a mess in my opinion. I don't think the curry really worked with the fish hash and potatoes. The dry pieces of fish lost all flavor of the fish and its natural texture. I gladly gave up my share of this dish.
All in all it was a nice brunch. Would I say it is worth a long wait? Mehh! I did enjoy the pancake and I think it was the best thing in the morning followed by the eggs benedict. You can get these in most places so I am not sure that I would want to wait long. Still, I think Canteen is definitely worth the try and it wasn't a let down like some of the other breakfast places where I lined up for over an hour. I can see why people like this place. It does have a certain ambiance and charm to the whole place. We all enjoyed ourselves and were super delighted that we didn't have to wait long. Here's a secret, there are spots of free parking! Get them fast before the city takes them all away and gouge you for the fee! lol

817 Sutter St
San Francisco, CA 94109
(415) 928-8870
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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Wasn't I just at the other place called Thạch Chè Hiến Khánh too? They both have the same name but are the same store? Are they owned by the same people or a family business? I am not sure but they do taste different. The sign on the door looks a bit different. Regardless, PK and I made a trip to this location since I took her to the one located on Bolsa Ave. was not up to her standards. For me, I am not that picky about it because I never plan to buy that much and I just dabble in some of the desserts. PK remembers this location on Westminster and told me that it's the one that her landlady likes. So I allowed myself to splurge a little and try a bit more.
The first thing I grabbed was the Flan Pudding Cup. I am a big fan of flan and they are usually a pretty good deal at Vietnamese dessert places. There weren't any labels, but I am going to assume they are $1 each or maybe a little more. I was satisfied with my choice because while we were waiting a guy came in and bought 10 of them. Must be good or why would he pull so many out of the fridge, right? lol It's close to your typical flan that you can make at home. Personally I think I should just break down and make my own from mix because those are actually pretty tasty! The one here was a little more runny and airy in texture. It wasn't as sweet as the ones from packages. Still, it was nice and refreshing to finish the day off.
I wanted to try one of the desserts displayed and I was about to get the Chè Chuối, banana dessert, but the guy talked me out of it. Every time I step into a store I typically ask what is the best thing they offer or what they would recommend. Somehow he ended up convincing me that I should try the Tri-Colored Tapioca Coconut drink. Against my better judgment, I agreed to give it a go. The drink ended up spilling in my car because the lid was not on too tight. I still managed to salvage the drink, but it was just bland. Since there was coconut milk or creme inside, I would assume that it would be sweet but this was not sweet at all. I was let down because I wanted something sweet, but it all worked out in the end. My Mom is diabetic so she took over and scarfed down the whole thing. =P On our way out from the store, I noticed that they had Mini Sesame Balls in a case by the register. I asked what filling was inside and the lady told me it was Mung Beans. Sign me up! They are 4 for $1 so I picked some up to munch on and so did PK. The exterior was crunchy, but a little bit on the stale side. Still, the flavors was good and they were cheap. They are almost like popcorn because if I had a bucket of them, I probably wouldn't stop munching on them until I reached the bottom. O=9
Thạch Chè Hiến Khánh
9784 Westminster Ave
Garden Grove, CA 92844
(714) 537-5105
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Friday, June 25, 2010

To prepare Glaze:

12 oz. Unsalted Butter
10 oz. Dark Brown Sugar

Heat butter and sugar in a saucepot over medium heat. Whisk until smooth. Pour 2 oz. of glaze into a 4 oz. foil portion cups and refrigerate.

To prepare Cake Batter:

7 oz. Unsalted Butter, room temperature
6 oz. Granulated Sugar
6 oz. Dark Brown Sugar
3 Eggs
1 Tbsp. Vanilla Extract
1 lb. Cake Flour
1/2 tsp. Salt
1 Tbsp. Baking Powder
2/3 cup Whole Milk

Using an electric mixer, cream the butter and sugars. With mixer on, add vanilla extract and eggs one at a time until incorporated. Alternate the addition of the milk and dry ingredients.

To Bake:

1/2 each Fresh Pineapple, small dice

Preheat oven to 375 °F. Add 2 oz. dice pineapple on top glaze in each foil cup. Next, scoop 2 oz. of cake batter on top of pineapples. Bake until a toothpick comes out clean when inserted into center (about 20 minutes). Carefully invert foil cups onto plates and gently remove cup until cake is released. Serve ala mode with fresh fruit.

What's there to do after an evening at the movies? Kat and I were trying to look up places to go for dessert or a quick grab. Eventually we settled on going to Thạch Chè Hiến Khánh for some dessert since she liked it. Chè is a term that refers to traditional Vietnamese dessert soups or puddings. That is exactly what you will find here. You can almost find the entire color spectrum displayed on the trays. Vietnamese desserts are usually very colorful. They also sell a variety of drinks fill with colorful starches, beans, or black-eyed peas. It's best to come here early because they tend to run out by the end of the day.
I freely admit that I don't know any of the dessert names. My strategy has always been asking or using my visual senses to guide me. With the only clues that I have from what I ordered was I able to find out that the dessert I got should be Chè Chuối. This is a very typical Vietnamese dessert. I just like the simple flavors of Coconut Milk/Creme with Bananas and Tapioca. On top they sprinkled it with Sesame Seeds. The dessert here is a little thicker base and gooier than most places I have had. Also there was a slight sour taste mixed amongst the sweetness. This is normally a safe bet for me because I just like the sweetness from the coconut milk with a little bit of tapioca. Usually I could do without the banana, but that is just me and my "allergies" to all fruits or vegetables or anything healthy. O=9

Thạch Chè Hiến Khánh
9639 Bolsa Ave
Westminster, CA 92683
(714) 839-8143
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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Many years ago I went to the Roy's in SF and had a semi-bad experience. To my surprise one day I received an e-mail to a celebration of the L.A. Ohana Tour. It has been a long time and it was time to give Roy's another try. I had also heard wonderful things from HT about the Anaheim location so I said to myself, "Why not?" The Roy's in Anaheim is located at the Garden Walk. MBA was kind enough to come and enjoy the evening with me. As we were walking in I noticed that they have Happy Hour deals. The bar was packed with people enjoying drinks and food as they were getting ready to watch the game. Immediately to your right was an open view of the kitchen. The restaurant was bustling with people at the bar and the dining area.

Right now they have the L.A. Ohana Tour promotion:
"From June 9 until August 31, 2010, guests are invited to visit three Southern California Roy’s restaurants to receive dining rewards and be entered to win an all-inclusive trip to Hawaii, where guests will enjoy a personal dinner with founding Chef Roy Yamaguchi.

The Roy’s L.A. Ohana Tour details include:
* · An inaugural trip to a participating Roy’s restaurant, where guests are awarded an Ohana Tour card to present at the next Roy’s location
* · On the second visit, guests will receive a complimentary Chocolate Soufflé (with purchase of entrée)
* · At the third location, guests will receive a $20 gift card (with purchase of entrée) and entry into the Hawaii sweepstakes
* · Restaurants participating in the tour include Roy’s Anaheim, Los Angeles, Newport Beach, Pasadena, and Woodland Hills locations"
We were greeted with smiles and joined the party. First thing to find us were the drinks. I decided to try their Original Hawaiian Martini. "Nothing says Martini like "shaken, not stirred." In classic Hawaiian fashion, our Maui pineapples are drenched in SKYY Vodka, Stoli Vanil Vodka and Malibu Coconut Rum. Shaken and served with fresh pineapple." The drink was rich, sweet, and full of alcohol. It reminds me of a Piña Colada Vodka.
To start the evening off we were presented with the Ekolu Tuna Roll. "Spicy Tuna Roll topped with Maguro & Furikake Seared Albacore created by Executive Sushi Chef Blained Villasin. "Ekolu" mean three in Hawaiian, this roll is prepared with three different types of tuna. This roll is unique to Roy's Anaheim." The presentation was very nice. I was amazed that MBA would try this roll out because I have never seen her eat raw fish. To my surprise, MBA enjoyed the roll. It was a light and refreshing prelude.
We ended arriving a little late due to heavy traffic on the 5. Our courses were a little out of order and we were served the Sweet Corn & Blue Crab Crusted Barramundi. "Sun-Dried Tomato Wild Mushroom Anisette Cream. A local favorite in Anaheim. Barramundi is a sustainably farm raised fish with sweet succulent flesh indigenous to Australia." To be honest, the first piece I had was a little bland, but for the second piece I had was delicious. I think the sauce really made the dish. Maybe the second plate had more sauce or a thicker serving. The sauce really brought out the natural sweetness of the fish. You can definitely taste the subtle flavor of the blue crab on the nicely crisped crust. Everything came together in perfect harmony on the second plate.
I saw the "Rim Fire" Calamari from afar and just had to have it. "Roasted Honshimeji Mushrooms, Sweet Thai Chili Glaze. Crispy calamari steaks tossed in a sweet chili glaze and sliced Serrano peppers. The perfect combination of sweet and spicy." Since we were running late, we missed out on this dish. The servers were super friendly and I just asked them if more were coming out. They were very attentive and brought some over as they came out. So what is so special about this dish? At first I thought this would just be your regular fried calamari that you find at most restaurant. To our surprise it was scrumptious! MBA is NOT a big fan of calamari, but she loved this dish! Even I was delighted by the tangy flavor. It was a great balance of sweet, savory, and spicy. The calamari was nicely fried and crispy even though the crust was soaked with the sweet chili. Every bite was a flavor explosion that lingered in our mouth. We couldn't get enough of this dish. It really hit the spot for us.
The dessert for the night was Pineapple Upside Down Cake. "Caramelized Pineapple Bread with Brown Sugar Pound Cake and Coconut Ice Cream." At first I was a little disappointed that it wasn't their chocolate soufflé since I am not that big on fruit. I was wrong and I am not afraid to admit. This completely changed my mind. It wasn't your traditional upside down cake. The cake tasted like a perfectly concocted buttery tart topped with nicely diced caramelized pineapple. I just kept asking for more because they were little bites of heaven. We talked about how great they would be at parties or events. Griffin Eats OC and I were talking about how desserts taste better when they are filled with buttery goodness and this definitely fit the bill. Yum!
All in all it was a great evening with great people. Everyone there was a delight to meet. I talked extensively with Chef Ron Plata who was personally trained by Chef Roy Yamaguchi and has been part of the team for a while now. Each and every Roy has their signature dishes as well as different innovative dishes from their own Chef Partners so that every Roy's will have their own added individuality. Hence the L.A. Ohana Tour to show diners what they are all about and reward them for visiting each location. I will be loading the recipe for the Pineapple Upside Down Cake later, which will be the first official recipe from any chef on my site so that others may enjoy and create the dish I had. At the Roy's in Anaheim, they offer cooking classes and enjoy the dishes taught. I asked how to sign up for these classes. If you are interested, be sure to contact them and add yourself to the list of people they send e-mail notifications because the classes fill up fast. Also Chef Plata informed me that they gladly give out the recipes to people who enjoy their dish. I found this very open and inviting where they not only want you to have a good time, but they have no qualms with divulging the recipe to you. Everyone here was friendly and wonderful. I was praising the service in the car all the way back home to MBA.

Roy's Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine
321 West Katella Avenue
Anaheim, CA 92802
(714) 776-7697
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Friday, June 18, 2010

What's a girl to do when she arrived early to Pasadena but not early enough to go very far from Pasadena? Traffic was getting bad so I didn't want to venture up the 134 to Porto's. So what's the next best thing around Pasadena when you are craving for pastries or a bakery? Both Gourmet Pigs and I thought about Euro Pane Bakery, which was really close by. Ironically it is right by where we our dinner was scheduled too. I'll save that part for later. The outside had a nice lush of greenery that made the entrance way seem very inviting. It was getting close to their closing time so the cases were running empty. I read online that they are known for their Egg Salad Sandwich and Sea Salt Caramel Macaron. That pretty much sold me and I was hankering for some good macarons.
First thing I looked for was their Macarons. They had only a few choices but the vibrant colors were beckoning me. I was very tempted to buy them all. The case does not have name tags to tell you which flavors are there so I asked what was available. I chose the Sea Salt Caramel, Pistachio, and Espresso with Chocolate. They are not the normal sized macarons you see in France, but a heartier portion similar to that of Bouchon Bakery. I was surprised that they were pretty good. They were flaky on the outside and chewy in the center.
The best flavor was definitely the Sea Salt Caramel. I enjoyed the salt crystals on top that add extra flavor within the sweetness of the macaron. It was just the right balance of sweet and salty. I immediately thought about Ms. Lin and how she would really enjoy this. Too bad she won't be back until July 1st. At least I was able to find a decent place with a flavor we love. I admit that I have a soft spot for salted caramel.
The pistachio was light in taste. The filling was a little too creamy for me. Having a light pistachio flavor allows the creamy oily flavor to take over. I enjoyed the balance of the sea salt caramel better. The rich chocolate filling of the espresso and chocolate macaron was a richer contrast. Since espresso has a slight bitter taste, it makes the chocolate filling even sweeter. Nonetheless they were all enjoyable, even the next day.
Apparently included with the sandwich is a delicious Chocolate Chip and Nuts Cookie. I enjoyed the crisp exterior of the cookie while maintaining a moist center. The chocolate chips were semi-melted even at room temperature. Yummy gooey-ness! I was tempted to purchase a dozen home just to much on. It's nice to know that you can end on a sweet note if you order sandwiches here.
I normally don't order Egg Salad Sandwiches. In fact I don't think I have ever ordered one in a bakery. I have only made these at home. So what is all the buzz about their sandwich? Apparently Gourmet Pig tried to order one a while back and they said that they had ran out. This made it all the more interesting and desirable that I had to order one. I guess I must have better luck because they were available that day. It's a little bit pricier than I thought it would be but c'est la vie.
The sandwich is an open faced sandwich. You can choose what type of bread and I chose the Rosemary & Cranberry Focaccia. This was actually a great choice because of the savory flavor from the herb and sweetness from the fruit. What really help make the sandwich was the Sundried Tomato spread below the massive amounts of egg salad. I really wished there was more of that spread because it really made the egg salad pop. The sweetness from the tomato danced with the lightness of the egg. They really LOAD on the egg salad. It took a while for them to make my order, but now I could see why. At least you know that they don't skimp on their ingredients!
All in all it was a very enjoyable experience and a great find. The next time I am around in Pasadena I might just pop my head in for some macarons and maybe another egg salad sandwich. If I was a student around here, I would love to come here for lunch and soak in the ambiance. Enjoy the food, sweets, and maybe add a cup of coffee while I sat and people watched. Now that's the life.

Euro Pane Bakery
950 E Colorado Blvd
Ste 107

, CA 91106
(626) 577-1828
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Sunday, June 13, 2010

It's always hard to find a good place to try out because there are limited choices near Cupertino. Ms. Lin had found Gochi Japanese Tapas that she thought was interesting and wanted to show me. Be sure to make reservations because they tend to fill up and it is better to be safe than sorry. The inside is a lot nicer than the outside. I like the traditional rooms on the slide with the sliding doors. There were a lot of areas where you could dine and feel like you are part of the Japanese culture. We were there super early so the place was pretty empty. I wished they seated us somewhere nicer. Instead they seated us far away in the corner. =*(
At first I thought this was more like the izakayas that we have been to, but it was more like a modern Japanese twist. Most of the dishes are small plates with few choices of entrees. They are most well known for their Clay Pot Rice. This was our last dish and probably the best. It is kind of pricey for what it is. We ordered the "small" Unagi Clay Pot Rice that is $21.50 and $2.50 more to add a side of Dashi Broth. The small size is suppose to feed 2-3 people, but I can easily eat this by myself. O=9 They mix the unagi and rice table-side. In an instant it changes from a pretty bowl of rice topped with a good sized piece of unagi. This dish was pretty good but hefty for the price. The best parts are the crisped pieces of rice. I enjoyed the savory flavor of the dashi broth by itself. When you pour the soup into the rice, it changes the texture and flavor of everything. You loose the wonderful crispness of the rice and the flavors start to mix together. Call me a purist but I just love a simple unaju. I liked it when it was just unagi mixed with rice because the natural sweetness of the unagi comes out and you can clearly taste the sweet sauce with hints of seaweed. Yum!
Luckily we ordered a few small plates before this because I would probably need a Large to be satiated but I wouldn't want to pay $36.50 for just that. Ms. Lin and I agreed in unison to order the Yuzu Ceviche served with the Seafood of the day, Yuzu Salsa, and Homemade Potato Chips. Both Ms. Lin and I are huge fans of yuzu so every time we see that as an ingredient, we must have it. The flavors were light and fresh. Pairing the softer texture of fish with crisp chips was very interesting. This definitely had a more modern and fusion flare. The portion size was so-so, but that is probably why they add the chips in as fillers. Not sure if it was worth the $8.50 but it was fun to try.
There were a few specials not on the menu that looked interesting but a lot of them were pretty pricey for what it is. We came to agreement that we wanted to try the Kabocha Cheese Mochi. It's Kabocha Squash Mochi Patties made with Cheese in a Soy-Glaze, $7.50. The patties were fried and wrapped in seaweed. It looked deceivingly good. Ms. Lin and I love melted cheese and thought that with one bite we would have freshly melted cheese oozing out. Alas, my dreams were dashed. It was just a kabocha croquette/mochi and nothing more. =*( My main reason for wanting this dish was for the cheese so I was let down a bit.
Since we are such avid fans of fried food and melted cheese, we decided to order the Buta Kimchee Cheese Harumaki for $7.50. Rolled up and fried with Pork, Kimchee, and Cheese. How can you go wrong with those ingredients? The shell was nice and crispy. At least the cheese was nicely melted. There were also Fried Shisito Peppers on the side. This dish was actually very light in flavor. None of the ingredients really popped and made a lasting impression. Still, being fried and crispy gets bonus points.
Supposedly they are known for their homemade tofu as well so we debated a while about which one to order. The only kind of tofu I can really accept is fried tofu. Notice a theme yet? lol We settled on Agedashi Tofu. The tofu was nicely fried and topped with minced Red Daikon, Green Onions, and Bonito Flakes. I am not a big fan of ginger and the tofu was drenched with it. If you like ginger then you would like this dish.
All in all I was not too impressed and I thought most of the items on the menu were way over priced. Some of their menu items sounded very good, but they weren't necessarily the most unique ideas. I wouldn't say I didn't like this place because I think it would be really fun in a big group, especially in the private rooms. The service wasn't all that great and we were often left without water. They do tend to get busy as it gets closer to dinner time, so a reservation is a must. I guess I am just spoiled by other izakayas now. For Cupertino this is probably the closest they can get. Still I will give them credit for their seating design because of the strong Japanese culture.

Gochi Japanese Tapas
19980 Homestead Rd
Cupertino, CA 95014

(408) 725-0542

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to attend the LA Wine Festival with a media pass. Unfortunately it was a hot day and the festival was all outside. There were limited shaded areas and those areas were the most crowded. Luckily I had sunblock in my car as back up. Always bring a tube just in case the weather changes. The festival was held at the Raleigh Studios in Hollywood and parking was free because you could find street parking nearby, which was a plus.
Despite the strong sun and heat, it was still a nice day to be out and enjoying good wine. The heat probably increased inebriation speed as we become more dehydrated. Don't worry, Icelandic Glacial was there to help hydrate and cleanse our palates as we move our way through the crowds. I have always liked Icelandic Glacial and their bottle. They actually give away miniature bottles that are even cuter.
What would go great with wine? Needless to say that they had a few booths serving chocolate and cheeses to go with the fine wine. As we were walking into the festival, City Club on Bunker Hill was giving out these beautifully crafted Chocolate Truffle Lollipops covered in golden swirls. The Chocolate Traveler also had a station with many different samples. I really enjoyed the Tabasco chocolate with a spicy kick that takes a few seconds to settle in. They offered an interesting variety of chocolates.
There were a few cheeses there and I really enjoyed the Somerdale Classic English. They have a wonderful aged cheddar that had a sharp flavor with bits of salt crystals to bring out the natural flavor of the cheese. We also loved the Cotswold Cheese that was savory and flavorful. It's much softer but the seasonings used really stand out. Goes great with all the fine wines there.
The best thing to come out of this festival is that I was able to find a few wines that I really enjoy and would love to purchase for home. I am not a big fan of alcohol, so what am I doing at a wine festival you might ask? I am learning to like it! lol O=9 Or trying to. It's a long arduous journey but I want to open myself up to the possibilities and enjoy the finer things in life. To my surprise there were a few wines that I found delightful and didn't mind drinking. When I saw a winery called Vampire Wines, I had to go try it. Of course I didn't have high hopes because it was such a gimmick, but I like a gimmick and wanted to give them a shot. They were surprisingly good. I don't think I have had Zinfandel more than once or even at all and I really really enjoyed the sweetness and smoothness of the Zinfandel. The names of their wines were really cute and played the part. They even offer an ale called "Witches Brew", which was creatively cute. With all the hype from Twilight and vampires, this label fits right in. They even had bottles of water that were colored to give a special appeal. I asked about them and they plan to launch a line of water, but I was able to get one. O=9
My favorite station was the San Antonio Winery. The people there were super friendly and happy to fill our glass. I tried their Red and White Sangria, but my favorite new wine is the Stella Rossa. The wines they have are nice and light. For a non-alcohol drinker it is perfect. It has just the right amount of alcohol. Enough that you don't feel the alcohol, which can be super dangerous because you can drink a whole bottle without feeling it. I can just imagine myself buying a few bottles for home and keep in the fridge for a rainy day. Or even as an everyday drink to sip on in front of a TV. Oh no do I send like a future AA member? lol The Stella Rossa was effervescent and sweet. It was reminiscent to Moscato d'Asti, which is one of my favorite. The richness of the fruit bubbles over your tongue as you drink it. The best part is they are easily found at BevMo so I don't have to search far and wide to get it. I also pray that they might be on the buy one get one 5 cent deal, but who knows. Dare to dream! lol If anyone knows about deals on the Stella Rossa from San Antonio Winery, please let me know!
Another booth that caught our eye was the Ventura Limoncello stand. They gave us tiny little cups with a sample of their award-winning Limoncello. Don't judge the drink by its size. That little sip can pack a punch. As Tofu has mentioned before, you can keep a bottle in the freezer and it will never freeze. Now that is full of alcohol! lol The traditional way to drink Limoncello that I learned in Venice, Italy is to pair it with water. You will notice the after taste and natural flavors that emanate through your mouth. Their Limoncello was very sweet and rich.
With a drink in hand and great friends to have fun with. What can go wrong? I actually tried a few more wines, mainly because there wasn't that much food around. Also, it is a wine festival so I had to drink up! There were a lot of surprising finds and good memories. The only thing I wish there was more of was food. They had a few food stands that you have to pay for. I wish that the ticket was all inclusive, even if it raises the price a little. For $65 I would like more food because pairing food and wine would just make the experience perfect. Each with their own richness and sweetness to compliment one another. Still, it was a nice afternoon out in Hollywood. Thanks again to Pleasure Palate and Desiree G. Cheers!

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