Sunday, May 30, 2010

Okay, I can't believe that I got carded for buying Nyquil. I haven't been sick for a while or at least not sick enough to need Nyquil so I never knew about all these new laws or rules. After being sick for over a week and not getting any better with Contact pills, I decided that I had to get some Nyquil and Afrin to aid my recovery. Even though I had my mother next to me at the cashier, the man asked for my ID. I was taken aback because I was only buying ONE bottle of Nyquil and ONE Afrin. Apparently I either look under 18 ... which many might be flattered, but no thanks ... or I look like a druggie who is going to use the dextromethorphan for personal use. It couldn't be that I was using it because I was sick and dying, which I probably looked like or sounded like. I learned something new that night and just thought this was funny, for me that is. At least we know that these stores are trying to stop teenage drug abuse? I guess I haven't been a teen for a while so I didn't even know what they do to get a fix these days nor did I know that such a problem existed... lol Now I know!

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