Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thanks to all my loyal readers and friends. This has been a great event and I hope everyone enjoyed it as well. Just in case anyone was wondering how I did the drawing, I wrote every name from the clues on a sheet of paper and cut them up then put all of it in a bowl and drew the names out. **Drum Roll Please**

The winners of the ZAP Zinfandel Grand Tasting & Cookoff are:
1) May Pig
2) Trekkie

Congratulations you two for each winning a pair of tickets. I will submit your name at Will Call so just pick them up there! ^_^ I hope you all have a wonderful time there! I'm sorry that not everyone can win but be sure to check out the festival even if you didn't win free tickets. Be sure to purchase them online ahead of time to get the best deal on the tickets. Have fun and a great week everyone! ^_^

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