Wednesday, March 17, 2010

To Ga Or Not To Ga?

I am torn! As many of you know that Lady GaGa's scheduling a concert in San Jose in August and pre-sale tickets have started... Ms. Lin already scoped out tix and they are $175 for the first ring, not even floor tix and that excludes all taxes & fees. So needless to say the tix will be about $200 pp... Should I go?
At first on the phone with Ms. Lin I told her, "Heck No!" I would never pay that much unless it was MJ, may he rest in peace. For that amount of money I can enjoy many good meals or put it to a new camera... or a purse... or more! Concerts never rank that high on my list, but a little part of me wants to go! Dilemma! Dilemma! What is a girl to do? Should I or shouldn't I go? Of course there always be more concerts and Lady GaGa has only had one album... albeit a great album... I'm sure the concert will be a full on show...

*ponder ponder* Is it worth it?


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