Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I took a red-eye with Ms. Lin to Miami. Unfortunately our flight was delayed, The Ritz-Carlton totally broke my luggage, the rental car took long to get, and we were running extremely behind. Needless to say that day was hectic and I was barely catching my breath before moving on to a full day's activity. Before we left California, we talked about where I would camp out during her business meeting. We both decided that Calle Ocho would be a good place. I was a little worried but it sounded like "Little Cuba/Calle Ocho" would be a fun adventure. Nowhere in the reviews did it say it would be dangerous, but I was a little cautious since I am foreign to this are and in another state. Still, I am a tough cookie and I am not afraid of most things. ^_-
Calle Ocho was not what I had imagined it to be. I thought there would be more culture and stores but it was really just a street of great Cuban food. Since I would be stuck there for around 4 hours, I found very little to do except eat and eat some more. =X Usually Cafe Versailles is super busy and I was afraid there was going to be a line but I got a seat really easily in the dining area. The area that was super busy in the morning is the Cafe/Coffee area where are the locals come to line up for a fresh cup of Cuban coffee and to chat. Since Cafe Versailles is so well-known for their coffee, I had to order myself a cup. The only problem is that there were a few choices so I asked my server which they are most well-known for. He told me to get the Cuban Coffee with Evaporated Milk. They bring you the hot evaporated milk and you pour the coffee in. The coffee aroma was delightful and tasty. I could see why all those people outside are lined up just to get themselves a nice cup of coffee. A must have indeed. =D
I mulled over the breakfast menu and there were a bunch of choices. Most of it seemed like a normal breakfast menu with a few tweaks. In the end I chose to order the Special Cuban Sandwich. It's Ham, Swiss Cheese, Pickles, and Mustard all on Cuban Bread. The best part is the bread being nicely toasted, fresh, and crispy. All the flavors came together in harmony. It had just the right saltiness, crisp bite, and a wide flavor palette. The pickle helps add another complex level to the flavor of the ham and a special bite. I was really surprised at how good this sandwich was and I should have bought another order to bring back to the hotel to snack on. Although it wouldn't be freshly toasted and crispy if I brought it home, but I'm sure it would still be superb. Thinking about this sammy, I really need to find a great place nearby with a yummy Cuban sammy like this. O=9
The whole time I was sitting there I was eyeing the Tres Leches Cake. Once I see that on the menu, I am sold. Their cake was super moist, rich, and sweet. It was super sweet and leches comes out when you use the fork to cut the cake. The glass of water really helped in between so that I could scarf down more cake. Muy delicioso! The whip cream on top helped mellow out and balance the sweetness. If I had more stomach room I would try a bunch of other desserts.
Even though I was really full by this point, I still went on to ask for the lunch menu. I was there for so long that I made it to the beginning of lunch time. They have daily specials and deals, so I decided to try the Yellow Rice with Pork. Maybe it was because I was full or it was just an off day, I wasn't that impressed with this dish. It was not what I had expected or I would have chosen a different dish. There was barely any pork and it was stewed inside with the rice. I thought it was nice and light. What I really wanted was the pork with a side of rice not rice with bits of pork. Still, it was a solid dish and I enjoyed the plantain on the side. That was my favorite part of the dish! ^_^

All in all it was a nice morning after a super tiring flight. The coffee was wonderful and an eye opener. I should have gotten 2 cups of that delicious treat and maybe 2 slices of cake! Oh and I can't forget the fabulous drool inflicting Cuban sammy. I can easily see why this place is a classic jewel in the neighborhood. The next time I make my way back to Miami and have a car, I would definitely stop by here. Too bad Ms. Lin and my Mom weren't there to enjoy it with me. Don't worry, I made sure to save them some food. The sad part is my Mom ended up letting the hotel throw out due to some miscommunication. My poor money and yummy food flew out the window! =**(

Cafe Versailles

3555 SW 8th St
Miami, FL 33135
(305) 444-0240
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Monday, March 29, 2010

I was invited to a small B-day get together to Sushi Zen Bistro. As I walked through the doors I noticed the neon signs saying half off but I had just missed Happy Hour! =*( I was deeply saddened but there is always next time. It's a small restaurant with a sushi bar. The decor was your normal sleek dark tables and chairs. We all squeezed in the corner. My Evil Twin had a little mix up with the time so everyone else there was already done eating but we had just arrived. I decided to stay down and eat while everyone else went upstairs to get a drink. M.E.T. stayed and joined me for a little snack.
Since there was a lot of stuff on the Happy Hour menu that I would have wanted but unfortunately missed, I opted out of trying anything that is not on that menu. One thing that really caught my eye was the Crunch Blue Crab Roll. I don't know why but that night I really wanted some blue crab. It's a simple roll of Blue Crab, Avocado, Tempura Flakes, and Teriyaki Sauce. The blue crab was very tasty and I did enjoy the tempura flakes that added a nice crunch. I love the strong seafood taste of the blue crab. Even though it was $10.95, it was a pretty generous size and worth the price.
For sushi, I had to pick most stuff that is not on the Happy Hour menu so that I can get my money's worth. I decided to get a sushi order of the Japanese Hotate, Scallops. They came out fresh and it was a decent size. The other sushi I saw that looked tasty was the Hamachi Belly. You really can't go wrong with these two unless they weren't fresh. Both were decent cuts and fresh.
In the end I had to break down to try regular Hamachi. I was surprised by their sushi since I wasn't expecting much. In my mind that day I thought to myself that I have to come back for Happy Hour... yet, I have not been back for a long time. They weren't exactly mind blowing sushi but better than I thought they would have been. Still, I thought they deserve a mention and I would definitely post about them again once I go back for Happy Hour. If and when I go back, I would definitely get the blue crab again. It's hard to find decent blue crab and even harder to find places that give a decent portion. Hope they are still as decent as before when I make it back that way. O=PSushi Zen Bistro
1875 Newport Blvd
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
(949) 722-2520
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Sunday, March 28, 2010

From delicious to bootylicious and a new breed of lingo, Sushilicious! What's next? =) After a full meal of AYCE KBBQ at Shik Do Rak, Holly asked if I'd like to meet her at Sushilicious... Needless to say I was a little baffled. What kind of place is called Sushilicious??? It is a kaiten place, revolving sushi bar. Yes, I'm crazy... I agreed to join her for 2nd diner. O=9 It was near closing time when we arrived and we were given a friendly greeting by the manager. We sat down at the sushi bar near the sushi chef Takashi. The server and chef were very friendly.

Everything was a bright neon color. The decor almost reminds me of being in a frozen yogurt store. The hip neon minimalist approach gives off a snazzy feeling. Everything in the store was personally chosen by the owners. They try to give a modern hip feeling. Everything was very clean and new. Since it was close to closing time there wasn't much food on the belt, but that is okay because you can just order it directly. ^_^ If you are a picky eater or just want freshly made dishes then feel free to flag a server down to order or order directly from the sushi chefs. I recently discovered that there are microchips under each plate to monitor the freshness of the fish so that no dish would be sitting on there for longer than 45 mins.
Holly started off the night with some Philadelphia Roll, I think it is actually called something else. Still, it is the same ingredients of Salmon, Avocado, and Cream Cheese. I kept my eye on the revolving plates to see the different creations that they offer. They have a Medusa Roll that is Soft Shell Crab added into a California Roll. Since it was close to the ending of the night, they made it fresh for us. For $4 you get half a roll. The sushi chef was very friendly and offered us the other half of the roll on the house.
My favorite of the night was the Sushicalifragilisticexpialidocious Roll. The name alone was enough to catch the eye, but the description below sounded like a good combo. It is Crab, Cucumber, Avocado, Rice, and Lettuce all wrapped in Soy Paper with Rock Shrimp Tempura on top. Maybe some of you don't know but I am really like soy paper rolls. O=9 That was a big drive of why I had to have this roll. They made a fresh roll and the shrimp was piping hot with just the right crispness! The sauce drizzled on top went well with the shrimp tempura. It is a lot of fun trying to eat it all in one bite. I asked for another order because I really like it.
We also asked for a Shrimp Tempura Roll. Inside was Shrimp Tempura, Crab, Avocado, and Cucumber with Tempura Flakes on top. Personally I like the Sushicalifragilisticexpialidocious Roll more. O=9 Of course it is just preference. I enjoyed the juicy rock shrimp on top versus the elongated shrimps inside the roll. Still both are good, how can you deny fried shrimp?For dessert I saw that they have Tempura Ice Cream, so I had to try it out. Holly and I decided to share one since we were both full. Alas, they were out of Green Tea, but they recommended Mango so we tried that one out. I was a little sad that they were out but Mango is not a bad second. The batter around the ice cream was crisp on the outside and moist on the inside. It was just the right thickness. The mango ice cream was good too. I actually have been back since that night and I think the mango is better. O=9
We were pleasantly surprised when Jeremy came and told us that this was all on the house. He said that he wanted us to try them out at peak hours so that we can taste them at their best and we were really only snacking. I kindly declined but he insisted so we decided to leave a nice tip. We were also introduced to Daniel and had a really nice long chat. Everyone there was super friendly and you could tell they were passionate about what they do. I thank Holly for introducing this place to me. Just within a week I brought a friend back to enjoy a quick sushi fix. Of course to also observe them at peak hours and try more items. Check back for the repeat visit review ^_^.

15435 Jeffrey Rd.
Ste 119
Irvine, CA 92618
(949) 552-2260

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Thanks to our gracious hosts, Food Network, we had plans to board a Yacht in the afternoon with Melissa d'Arabian. She was the winner of Season 5 of The Next Food Network Star and now hosts her own show, Ten Dollar Dinners. Her promise is that all you have to spend is $10 to feed a party of 4.
It was a beautiful afternoon in Miami. We set sail on a private yacht with a breath-taking view. The waters were a gorgeous blue that was brilliantly enhanced by the sun. Slowly we left port and began sailing away from the city. We left all our worries behind that afternoon.
Who needs a post card when I had the chance to snap picture perfect shots of the city and islands. There was a small box available at the deck where everyone convened. They had a table/station set up near the stern. Ms. Lin and I knew that there must be a demo later. It was very interesting to see Fennel up-close. I've probably only seen it thinly sliced in my food and have never seen the whole vegetable 'till that day.
Before the demonstration we were introduced to Melissa d'Arabian. She is such a wonderful and amazing person. After meeting her you can feel her genuine sweet personality and as soon as you meet her you could tell that she has tons of star potential! Who wouldn't be enamored by her delightful character after speaking with her. We had a wonderful discussion with her of how she entered this new profession. She started out in marketing and different parts of life has ultimately led her to enter the contest of The Next Food Network Star. With the support of her wonderful husband and children, all this would be possible.
Here, I have a little teaser/preview for my followers to see Melissa d'Arabian in action. She is able to draw the crowd in with her knowledge and personality. Her little tips and secrets are very helpful. I'll definitely never look at fennel the same way after this. She makes sure that no part of the ingredient goes to waste. Watching her work and watching her show is not only a learning experience but an exploration and inspiration.

Her recipe of Fennel and Cabbage Slaw was amazingly refreshing. I've never tried cole slaw made with fennel as the main ingredient and stay under a budget! The crisp texture and flavor of the fennel brought the slaw to a whole new level. After the entertaining demo, for which I filmed the entire time, we were seated to start lunch where we would be able to taste her creation.
Lunch was buffet-style and served below deck. Even though the sun was out and beating down there was quite a chilly wind in the air. Still, we sat in the shade because I rather not get tanned. I save our seats and sent Ms. Lin to grab the food. O=9 They served Seafood Salad, Fennel & Cabbage Slaw, Herbed Chicken, Guacamole, Cold Cuts, Fresh Fruits, and more. The seafood salad was a bit on the bland side but that could be overlooked for the sheer quantity of seafood that was in the salad... Until I found a huge/long hair embedded in my salad... BLECH! That was it for me.
For the most part the food was just okay. I was already getting pretty hungry as the demo was 30-45 mins long and it was getting closer to 2 o'clock. Still, I was not willing to eat my plate after finding hair in my food. I told the servers and they took away my plate. There were not the most friendly but they did offer to bring me a new plate at east. Since I wouldn't want more of the seafood salad since it probably came from the same batch. I asked for more chicken and just mango. Little did I know how wonderful the mango was! My previous plate was taken away before Ms. Lin was able to warn me that she put most of the mangoes on my plate.
Woe as me! The mango was fabulous and I only got a little bit on my second plate. The worst part was there were no more mangoes left. =*( At least the new batch of chicken they gave me was moist and tender. The ones they served in the buffet were super dry. I don't know why but I always hit the jackpot and find stray hairs inside. Guess I need to go out and buy a lottery ticket, huh? lol
For dessert they served Strawberry Shortcake and Chocolate Chip Cookies served on the deck. Ms. Lin and I had a nice long chat with Alice. At the end when we were docking, I got Melissa d'Arabian to sign our recipe cards. She even remembered my name and gave both of us a hug before parting ways. I really cannot describe how great splendid she is. An example to show how sincere she is in her actions would be when I was walking around the Grand Tasting Village the next day, someone grabbed my arm to stop me. To my surprise it was Melissa d'Arabian. She told me that she saw me and wanted to say hello as well as give me a hug! Now that is one genuine fantastic person. She had no obligation to acknowledge or greet me, but she went out of her way to talk to me. I will sing praises of her to everyone and it is quite clear that she is a star. Watch her show! O=9

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I have been wanting to go to Boulevard for a long long long time. Ms. Lin would never agree to go with me because she has been many times. Finally I was able to convince Shabu to go with me. Although I didn't really convince him as much as fate made sure we ended up there. We had actually planned to go somewhere else in the Financial District but parking was too horrendous and I had already made reservations at Boulevard as a back up, so we turned the car around and headed on over. Normally parking is not the easiest around Boulevard but we were fortunate enough to find a spot right across from the entrance, which was convenient since it started raining.
The outside might not seem like much but once you enter the doorway, you feel like you have stepped back in time. It resembles those nostalgic classy restaurants seen in movies. There are old school posters like the Moulin Rouge and more as decorations. They were pretty packed for lunch, which turns out to be normal. We were seated all the way in the back next to the window where we can look outside towards the Ferry Building and Bay Bridge. Too bad it was raining or else it would have been a better view. As soon as I was seated they changed my napkin to black to match my skirt, which shows their attention to detail and etiquette. Our server was super friendly and had a nice smile on her face. She informed me that there were personal hooks on the wall next to our seat for us to hang our jackets, which I thought was very pleasant.
They brought fresh bread to the table. The center was soft and delectable. Not sure if they were Acme bread, but it was just as good. The crust had a nice chewy texture to compliment the center.
After looking at the menu, the Japanese Hamachi with Furikake Avocado, Crispy Taro, Yuzu Kosho Vinaigrette, Wasabi Tobiko, Cucumber, Cilantro, and Red Shiso really stood out to me. I was really torn on what to order because the Tuna had Black Himalayan Truffles as an ingredient. What is a girl to do?! I asked the server which dish was better and she said the hamachi hands down. Then I responded that the reason I was torn was solely because of the truffle since I don't even like tuna. To my astonishment the server said that she will ask the chef to add it on if he can, wink. My jaws dropped in amazement. What a sweet and wonderful lady! Don't be jealous, but there was a slice of black truffle on each piece of hamachi... Free of charge! Woot! Woot! Who hit the jackpot that day?! Let's just say nothing could bring me down from that high. At this point they have accrued a ton of brownie points to cushion any following issues of the other dishes. The truffles looked beautiful and were extremely fragrant. All the components were light and fresh. They didn't take away from the natural taste and texture of the hamachi. The cucumbers were finely diced and added a slight crunch to each bite. I liked the slivers of crispy taro that gave it something extra. In all honesty, is this dish anything super unique? Nah, but it's solid and has a very elegant feel to the whole thing. I do love it because I got free black truffle... Mmmmm truffles! O=9
Shabu decided to try out their Lobster Bisque as his appetizer. The soup was thick and tasty with two tender chunks inside. If it were my soup, I'd be using the delicious bread to soak up the soup.
I chose the Dungeness Crab Linguine because Ms. Lin insisted that their dungeness crab is to die for. The dish was Housemade Farm Egg Pasta with Roasted Tomato Acqua Pazza, Chile Flakes, and Basil. Ms. Lin decieved me and she needs to regulate her Gingko Biloba intake! She said Boulevard has really good dungeness crab sandwiches and that is what she gets when they have it. So I believe her, a big mistake! >_<# I asked the server and she answered, "You mean the soft shell crab sandwich, which is seasonal and delicious!" Immediately I knew "someone" was an idiot again and that this must be what she means. Still, I wanted to believe in Ms. Lin and was trying to look for something with dungeness crab. The pasta was the closest thing and one of their signature dishes so I thought, "Why not?" It was a bit different from what I expected. The egg pasta was 1/5 the size of fettuccine and it had a unique texture to each bite. At first it was a little bit different from what I imagined, but the more bites I took the more I like the little slivers of pasta. The sauce was light but had a slight kick thereafter. There was a decent amount of crab meat on top. I think I still like my crab cold versus hot but overall it was a solid dish. Maybe some shaved truffles would have completely won me over? lol O=) They told us that there were not many servings of the Hawaiian Tombo Tuna left. For me, I didn't really care since I am not a big fan of tuna. Shabu decided to try the wild caught and pan seared tuna. It was served with Crispy Fingerling Potatoes, Currant, Pine Nut, Caper Relish, and Braise Marquita Farm Escarole with Mustard & Ham Hocks. He thought the dish was not bad but not quite what he imagined as well.
For dessert I really wanted some fresh baked cookies and they offer Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies, 3 for $5. They were actually pretty decent sized cookies. Inside is a thick chocolate mousse like filling that had hints of liqueur inside. The cookies were just the right crisp chewy nice, a nice contrast to the filling. I liked them and would probably get them again.
All in all I liked this place and was impressed with their service. I would definitely recommend this place and come back to try the elusive soft shell crab sandwich. They prepare refined seasonal seafood dishes. I can understand why they are an institution in SF and how come they are always packed full of people. It's definitely a popular place for business lunches and more. The noise level does tend to be a bit high as everyone is enjoying themselves, but I guess that is just part of the ambiance. I will have to come back to see if dinner has a different vibe and to experience their dinner menu.

1 Mission St
San Francisco, CA 94105
(415) 543-6084
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Monday, March 22, 2010

This is a first for Kat's 9 Lives. I am going to actually put up an email for people to contact me as I am going to host my first contest for tickets to the ZAP Zinfandel Grand Tasting and Cookoff in Newport Beach on April 18th. By chance the wonderful people at Great Taste Magazine, www.great-taste.net, left me a comment to ask if I would like to host a contest for my readers. I thought to myself, "Why not? It's a great chance to give back to my readers and I love festivals." As many of you know I am an avid attender of festivals these days, so it fit perfectly.
First, lets talk about the details of the event.


ZAP Zinfandel Grand Tasting and Cookoff
Sunday, April 18th, 2010
4:00-7:00 PM
The Palm Garden at the Island Hotel
660 Newport Center Drive
Newport Beach, California 92660
Ticket Prices:

"Taste spectacular Zinfandel wines from over 40 premier ZAP member wineries.
Mingle with top winemakers and principals in an intimate setting.
Learn about the remarkable richness and versatility of Zinfandel.
Discover why Zinfandel is "America's Heritage Grape!"
Sample hors d'oeuvres prepared by future chefs."
The event sounds like a great learning experience for those who don't know much about Zinfandel and to pair it off with some delicious hors d'oeuvres. You can enjoy wonderful wine as well as learn about the passionate history from the winemakers. It should be a grand event of taste and culture. If you love wine, then you would probably be in Heaven as you can try many wineries all in one place and have as much as you like! I love seeing the different types of glasses that are meant to be used for each type of wine and most likely you will be able to take home the glass as a commemorative. I just hope they are giving out the wine glass neck straps! ^_^
Onto the most important part... as part of the collaboration, I have been given 2 sets of tickets. Yes, 2 PAIRS. So 2 of my loyal readers who participate in the scavenger hunt will each be rewarded with 2 tickets so that they may bring a loved one, a family member, or a friend to join them! ^_^ Can't let you go alone now can I? It is always more fun with people you know. I have decided to do a scavenger hunt on my website.

How will that work? Well, I am going to plant clues on my posts in the comment section where you will have to click the link to find an easy answer about Zinfandel. Then you will have to post the answer where the clue is to show your participation. Do NOT e-mail me the responses, but leave the answer on the original post where the clue is found. Here is the good news, the more you participate the more chances you have to win the tickets. Every clue you find and answer will add one more entry into the drawing. If you feel comfortable enough you can leave your e-mail for me to contact you if you win or you can e-mail me your contact info after you have won. The contest will end at Midnight, 12:00AM PST, on April 8th. I will post the winners name in an announcement on April 13th so be sure to check back.

Keep in mind there are only 4 tickets to be won by 2 of my readers, so if you are really interested in this event you should definitely purchase tickets! I am going to end the event early so that if you don't win, you will have time to purchase tickets online. It's a great chance to mingle with other locals who share a love for wine and for you to have a wonderful time. Tell your friends about the event and contest. I know that you might think it will lower your chances of winning, but if there is a wide response to this event then we might get more tickets to give away. Like I said, the more the merrier! Cheers!

Quick Review of the Contest:
~ Comb through my posts to find the clue, answer the question, and post the answer in the comments section of that post
~ Every clue that you answer in the comment section will be one more entry in the drawing
~ At the end I will randomly draw from all the people who answered the clues
~ The contest ends at Midnight, 12:00AM PST, on April 8th.

If you have any questions or confusions please feel free to ask me in the comments and I will respond to them ASAP. Good Luck to everyone! I hope you have fun looking through some old reviews and learning something about Zinfandel. Ready, get set, go! ^_^ New clues will be popping up all the time.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cookies! Cookies! Cookies! The Cookie Monster would be in Heaven here! I think I am starting to turn into a Cookie Monster after this too! This was one of the many places that I took Trekkie Monster and GF to that Saturday. Yes, I hold food tours for friends! lol In preparation for that weekend I did extensive research and I really wanted to try Anthony's Cookies. After a full trip around the Farmer's Market at the Ferry Building we ventured for some delicious treats. Our first visit was filled with fun and friends. Jo and Stinky Tofu were there to enjoy the fresh baked cookies. On the second visit, I took Ms. Lin back to show her the light.
They offer many flavors that vary daily.
1) Cookies and Cream
2) Semi Sweet Chocolate Chip
3) White Chocolate Chip *No Macadamia Nuts
4) Cinnamon Sugar
5) Toffee Chip
6) Double Chocolate Chip
7) Whole Wheat Oatmeal Raisin
8) Whole Wheat Oatmeal Cranberry
9) Whole Wheat Oatmeal Chocolate Chip
10) Walnut Chocolate Chip
11) Banana
12) Banana Walnut
13) Peanut Butter
14) German Chocolate
Needless to say I am always guilty of greed and gluttony. I wanted one of every type of cookie available that day so I could also bring them home and share with Ms. Lin. You can buy the cookies by the 1/2 dozen, dozen, dozen & a half, or 2 dozen. The first time I came I made the wrong choice of not buying some milk to go with the delicious cookies. Don't worry, on my second trip I broke down and got some yummy milk to wash it all down. The milk really helps because it tones down the sweetness and allows me to consume more! lol
My favorite cookies of the day were the Toffee Chip, Peanut Butter, and Cookies and Cream. All the cookies were good. The base dough is very flavorful and tasty. You can taste the richness and natural flavor of the dough even with other components. The toffee chip is best when it is fresh out of the oven. It's chewy, sticky, and delicious. Mmmmm good. ^_^ The cookies and cream feels like a mix of Oreo cookies crushed into cookie dough and baked. It is creamy buttery goodness fresh out of the oven. I am a big fan of peanut butter in any form. Anthony's cookie reminds me of MBA's cookie recipe so I really enjoyed the soft peanuty flavor.
Of course all the cookies are the best when they come out of the oven! ^_^ They were still good even after a few days. We were lucky to see Anthony there that day. He is super friendly and personable. Meeting him makes me want to buy more cookies, but it is not like he needs to do any selling to make me buy cookies. Everyone there is super friendly and sweet. Makes you feel right at home.
All in all a great find! The cookie craving has set in permanently and I will have to add Anthony's Cookies to my SF trip repertoire. I went two weeks in a row, so did Trekkie and now Ms. Lin! Just the other day she texted me to rub it in my face that she had a craving and went. Then she had to pour salt on my wound and add that they were all fresh from the oven! You *beep beep*, that's what I texted back! lol If you are up in SF and have a craving for something sweet then you have to stop by here at Anthony's! Even if you don't have a craving, come by and get a whiff of all the cookies coming fresh out of the oven... and you will leave with a huge box like I did! The good thing is you won't regret it! ^_^

Anthony's Cookies
1417 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

(415) 655-9834
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