Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Quest For Orangina!

After CheeseBoard Pizza in Berkeley, I have been on this Orangina high!

Ode to Orangina

Where o'where are you my dear.
I can't find you somehow I fear.

I cannot find you here or there.
I cannot find you anywhere.

Why oh why can't I find thee!
Please show up before me, I plea!

I need a drink.
I really can't think!

I have a big thirst to quench!
Now bring some more wench! (lol)

Where can I go?
They all say no!

Target, nope...
Stater brothers, no hope...
Ralphs, how do I cope?

Alas! I found a vendor who could love me tender!
Trader Joe's & Safeway really knows!
Better get some Orangina before they close!

An Original Piece by Kat L. O=9
It really is tough out there! Where can I go to score some of this addictive elixir? O=9 lol Now that I am up in SF, I hope I will have better luck searching because I am having withdrawal symptoms! Luckily when I was back down in Orange County that I went with my gut instinct and went to Trader Joe's to look for Orangina. Bam! I hit gold and got a bottle. After that I started checking at any supermarket I stepped into or store that sold drinks. To my surprise, not a single drop found anywhere. As I began to despair at finding more locations that sold Orangina, the desire to possess and store them grew stronger. I immediately drove back and bought 3 more bottles. O=9 *I'm not a junkie! lol*

This post just keeps getting better, I have been writing it for a while now... I just got back from Safeway up in SF and BAM! There it is! The diamond in the rough. The holy grail! I found Orangina again and picked up 4 huge bottles. I think Northern Californians must like it a lot more or have had the pleasure to drink this ambrosia from the heavens. O=9 Going to go get a refreshing sip from the fridge now! That delicious bittersweet orange flavor along with the fizzy bubbles. Simply divine!


Pooch Morning Glory said...

ah yes, the elusive orangina. my town doesnt have any appreciation but i sure know where to get it.
good thing you got a stash

Kat said...

Oh no your town too! =*( That's good that you know where to get it. I am trying to map out where I can find it and I wonder if things are different in SF. Luckily I can get it at home too or I would have to pack some in my luggage back O=)

I bought 4 today and drank one already. If you ever see it, you should try the Mango and Blood Orange variety... Mmmmm! ^_^

Pooch Morning Glory said...

hi kat

well, you can put a big X on goderich ontario canada on your "where not to try" list. davids gourmet, kitchener and waterloo ontario and vincenzos, waterloo are a thumbs up haha.
at least if im ever there and really parched, i will have direction to an oasis.

Kat said...

Ha ha thanks for the info! I will be sure to keep in that mind when I can finally visit Canada.

I wrote Oragina to ask for more info as well. I wish they listed where they can be found on their site. If I find more places up in San Francisco I will post. It seems like Northern California really likes Orangina, which is great! ^_^

Kat said...

Update : I now found it in Bristol Farms in the SF Shopping Center! And... a beautiful display by the register... so tempting! ^_^

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