Sunday, February 14, 2010

We were shopping around at Stater Brothers today because they have a Filet Mignon deal and I wanted some delicious steak! ^_^ I thought that it would be a sweet idea to buy our Mom and Aunt a flower or something for Valentine's Day to celebrate. As we were glancing at the selections that the Stater Brothers in Laguna Woods had, a lady who works there asked us if we wanted a free balloon. We were a bit caught off guard and were like, "ummmm yah sure." It was really sweet and surprising. We both took one and were elated. It was a bit unexpected but that really perked up our mood. This turned our Valentine's and New Year Day extra special. I will definitely shop here more often now. ^_^
They have a 3-day sale and today, Valentine's Day, is the last day. I decided to pick up some Cocktail Shrimps that were on sale. Fighting the crowds to eat out is too crazy. Ms. Lin and I decided to have a laid back day. Since I was there for some delicious Filet Mignon, why not pick up other goodies for the night. The shrimp was a bit bland, but luckily we have tons of lemons and cocktail sauce to spice it up! ^_^

I wish everyone A Happy Valentine's Day and A Happy New Year!


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