Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I have been meaning to post about Ami Sushi for a while, but I am one lazy gal... I know. O=9 This is really near my school and the prices are actually pretty fair. Is the food the best in town? Nah, not even close but it will do in a quick fix and won't cost you an arm & a leg. It's a little bit harder to find as it is not really visible from the street. If you see the Brazilian Jujitsu place, then you are in the right plaza. I have never eaten inside because I am always short on time so I take out instead. The interior seems pretty clean and it's a small cozy place.
Some days I was more adventurous and ordered a bit more to try more items out. Normally I am not one for rolls but if I am in the mood for a quick fix or to save a few bucks, I am definitely not going to spend $10 on one roll. At that rate I might as well spring for some sushi or sashimi. Ami Sushi has a really great price on their California Roll. For 12 pieces it is less than $6, which is not a bad deal in my opinion. You can get 8 pieces or get the super size of 12 pieces. The rolls are a decent size and they do their job. I have yet to find a better price in this vicinity or even near my hometown MV.
Another great deal they have there is the Shrimp Tempura Roll. You can get it regular size or super sized as well. I am all about the best bang for the buck so it's all about the 12 pieces. This is under $8, which is an awesome price as well. I am really drawn here more for the prices. O=9 In this order I got the 8 pieces because I wanted to buy a 3rd roll and two super sized rolls plus another sounded a bit much. Their roll is a mix of a California Roll added with a Shrimp Tempura to make it look bigger and seem more filling.
Once in a while I will add the Salmon Tempura Roll into the mix because I love fried fish too and it sounded interesting me. The price is pretty reasonable at $6.50 so why not. This roll is also a mix of California Roll with a piece Salmon Tempura stuffed inside. It is good to have variety at times and to change it up. I have yet to have them fresh since I always just pick up. The tempura is never crisp but that could be the time it takes for me to drive back and eat it.
All in all I like coming here for take out when I am nearby. After having gone to them, I refuse to eat rolls elsewhere because they all charge a lot more for less. Now that I am use to these prices, I feel that it is blasphemous to pay more! lol Darn Ami Sushi for ruining me! I call around locally and all the prices make me scoff. Can't even try to satisfy the minimal cravings anymore. Sigh! At least I now know all the local prices for California Roll around MV. lol For Shrimp Tempura the discrepancy is even higher! =*( Like I've said, it's not really about the quality or tastiness of their rolls but for the price... it's all good. O=9 They also give a million soy sauce packets that I just keep around at home later on. lol

Ami Sushi
1804 N Tustin Ave
Santa Ana, CA 92705
(714) 567-0018
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