Friday, October 9, 2009

It is such a tragedy to lose such a talented man just when he was about to make his comeback. The movie, This Is It, is a recap of all that was happening on stage before the big comeback tour in London. Michael Jackson is brilliant and captivating. Watching this movie tonight brought back a lot of childhood memories. With all the dance shows on these days, we get to see a wide array of dance styles and techniques. They all talk about the "King of Pop" and how he revolutionized dance. I truly believe that and was reminded of it tonight when I saw on the big screen just clips of his behind the stage, practice runs, where the MJ is as smooth as ever. Many have imitated his style, but I believe none can really master it like him. He's so smooth and spotless on all his moves... c'mon they are HIS moves! ^_^
(The souvenir to the movie. A badge... umm... oooh ahhh? lol)

The movie does not have any chase scenes, blood or gore... it was just pure MJ and you follow him on this journey along with the people around him. You see how many fortunate people were able to work with him and how he really put everything he had into this comeback tour. The scenes where they start the rehearsals are great and when you see all the new ideas/technologies that they have developed for the show... it'll make you really miss him because you won't have the chance to see his brilliance complete and live! This will be chalked down as one of my greatest regrets to never have seen him in concert. Albeit I was too young to see him in his prime, but I will never forget the Thriller CD. It was the first one I bought in my teens. I have often told those around me that there are only TWO people I would pay a fortune to see in concert. One is to see MJ in concert, which almost could've come true. Yes, I would fly out to London just for his concert if I knew it was going to be this spectacular! Another one is to see Whitney Houston at her prime/best and not be messed up with drugs. Alas, now both wishes will never come true. I thought there was hope for MJ but now all is lost. =*( May he be happy in heaven and find peace.


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