Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sorry for the slow posts and thank you to all my readers for being so patient with me! Thanks for all the support. I am running really behind in catching up @_@, especially with so many planned trips coming up. Hopefully I will catch up to the current month soon. O=9 For a while I was super addicted to Yogurtland. Ironically, I used to detest them and was an avid follower of Pinkberry. Now that my "affair" with Pinkberry has ended since the taste has changed as they have been bought out. I lost my love for "froyo" but as my friends and I always run out of stuff to do, we turn to Yogurtland since it is usually open late at night. They have sample cups that you can ask at the counter to try the flavors out. I guess one day the light bulb went off in my head and I realized that the froyo there was not bad! lol Suddenly a new addiction began. This location is near Kaori Sushi and a great place to grab a quick bite before or even after dinner. I had some time to kill on one of my visits and I decided to have some snackage. ^_^
As many people know, you are not allowed to take photos in these places! Boo! At least the sign is there so what can you do! It's stupid but whatever. lol So what do I do instead? Sneak out the door and take a photo, then go back in to eat my froyo. O=9 Got to beat the system somehow! lol They also have self-serve ice water with strawberries inside. The froyo and toppings are self-serve as well. Everything is done by weight. It's actually a lot cheaper than any place with a set price and you can have it anyway you like. I try out new combos all the time but I always get Mochi topping! That visit I got Mint and Mango flavored froyo topped with Mochi and Condensed Milk. Lets just say it was an ooooddddd combo and I didn't quite like the mint flavor with everything. I wish I had just gone the simple route to get the Plain Yogurt and Mango plus some Mochi. Simple is best. That way you can taste the natural tart flavor and not everything is fighting for your senses. My love for Yogurtland has died down since but I still have to pay homage to them. Hmmm maybe I need to get some froyo this weekend. It is a good place to go late at night with your friends as you have run out of options in OC since everything is closed by 9pm!! lol

122 W Orangethorpe Ave
Fullerton, CA 92823
(714) 738-9900
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