Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Upon KFP's recommendation of Snack Pop in SGV, I tried my best to go many times and finally made it one day. As I was trying to look for Ambrosia Hot Pot, I lost my way and happen to come across Snack Pop so I pulled over for a snack. O=9 It's in a small strip mall where parking can be a pain but it was an off-meal time where it was not overcrowded so I was able to find a spot easily. KFP has warned me before that the people there can be a bit persnickety and short on patience. It must be my charm O=) or KFP's lack of ( ~^_~~ ) that has given him bad service. They were very nice to me and I ordered everything I wanted.
First off, I ordered the Popcorn Chicken that he recommended. It was a bit different from what I am used to for Taiwanese style Popcorn Chicken. The flavor was a bit more curried than a direct garlic, salt, & pepper taste. I still think Q-Cup makes the best. The chicken was lightly battered and for the most part tender. There was quite a bit of small pieces and big crumbs in the bag. Still, not a bad place to grab a quick snack to try out. It's only $2.99, so definitely not a bad deal.
As always, when I see any place offering Durian Shakes... I start getting excited and order it without a second thought! Who cares if it stinks and will make those around me suffer thereafter. O=9 The drink was more expensive than the chicken! lol The one here was so-so. I didn't think that the flavor of the durian really came out, but at least I got a quick fix. It's really much better just to buy frozen durian at the market and make the shake at home. At least you can control the flavor and density of the durian. Beware, durian is an "acquired" taste! lol

Snack Pop

529 E Valley Blvd
San Gabriel, CA 91776
(626) 288-2291

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