Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Laguna Hills Mall around here is barely staying afloat with stores shutting down all the time. It is a very sad mall, but they are trying to open up a lot of different dining places to keep it alive. Lil Bel informed me that they opened a Pinoy Pam's Best inside the food court on the second floor. I have been meaning to check it out for a long time. Finally she dragged me there one day with the temptation of them selling turrón! lol We all know my crazy love for turon! MMmmmMM delicious! Sadly, I was tricked! They said that they didn't have it that day and check back tomorrow. So I only bought a box of Lechon, Roast Pig, for home. For the price it was not bad and the meat looked pretty good, but the flavor was a bit bland. The Filipino sauce did help a lot but I will have to agree with Ms. Lin that the Chinese one is a bit more flavorful. Still, I am a carnivore so I will take either when available. O=9 I don't discriminate! lol
As I was saying, they tricked me! I excitedly came back the following day and asked if they had the turrón.... NOPE... check back tomorrow again! I was like... boooooo! It's a trick! They just want me to keep coming back and spending money by dangling the dream and dashing my hopes of turrón! lol I decided to try their dishes since I was there. You can choose rice or noodle but I opted for Pancit, noodles. The flavor was pretty good even if the noodles were a bit soggy. There was actually a lot of content, both meat and veggies. For my 2 items I chose the Fried Shrimp and Lechon. As you can see, everything I ordered was fried. O=9 There was very little shrimp and it was your normal fried shrimp, nothing too special. It's something you can get at Costco for a lot cheaper. The pig was deep fried and a little bit different from the box of meat I bought. I like the skin a lot more here because it is so crispy, but the meat was quite a bit fattier than the ones in the box. The meat was more tender in the combo than the ones I bought the day before. They both still taste good and have a crispy texture. The food here is decent but definitely not one of the best Filipino places I have had, but as good as you get around these neck of the woods. You will have to stay tuned to the day I finally get me some turrón! lolPinoy Pam's Best
24155 Laguna Hills Mall, Suite # 2360
Laguna Hills, CA 92653
(949) 678-9128
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