Tuesday, August 11, 2009

TP & Veggie Girl love this place/chain, so it was not surprising that they wanted to go there again. This time we went to the location that TP really likes and is closer to her house. It's a small location located in a big shopping center. There were plenty of empty seats so we sat down immediately. They gave us a bowl of Edamame to snack on as soon as we sat down. Good thing too because I was hungry. lol It was a little awkward in the beginning because there was this guy that was trying to chat us up and kept staring at us. Eventually we just moved past this because we were really there for the food! ^_^
This might shock some people but I have been turned a fan for the Idaho Roll that Niko Niko Sushi offers. All of us ordered a roll for ourselves! ^_^ No sharing here! It's a vegetarian roll. Inside is a Sweet Potato Tempura and Avocado all rolled up. I don't know why but it works! lol The crunchy texture of the tempura is only enhanced by the luscious flavor of the avocado. As taste goes, it's pretty simple but the flavor pops. I am making myself hungry now, maybe I should go back for more! lol The best part is the it's pretty reasonably cheap, $4. For some reason though, every location has made the roll a little different so beware.
Of course I was a bit hungry so I opted to add an order of Hamachi Sushi, Yellowtail. The fish was fresh and it did hit the spot. I could have had 20 orders of this but it could get quite expensive. The prices are not bad but I could get the same or better at Mitsuwa down the street for a lower price. Next time, I think I will get 2 orders of the Idaho Roll instead. O=)

Niko Niko Sushi
2300 Harbor Blvd
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(949) 645-3375
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