Saturday, July 11, 2009

After a tiring yet relaxing day at the Korean bath spa, we were ready to grab a quick and simple meal before returning home. My "evil" twin, Kat, suggested Lục Đinh Kỳ on Bolsa. It's really close to Asian Garden Mall and there are apparently a few of these around on the same street. Be sure to look at the address below to go to this one. This place is open late at night and tends to be pretty crowded. If that were to happen just drive down the street and there is another location. They offer free Nuớc Mắt, which is a sweet Chrysanthemum Tea. Depending on the day, it can be very watered down or overly sweet. I personally choose water. ^_^ This place is kind of funny because it plays a lot of Chinese music even though it's a Vietnamese restaurant. Service here is ummm negligible. What do you expect in this area? lol There's also a language barrier so just be patient.

Kat recommended the Salmon with Crispy rice. This was super delicious. I like how the chunk of salmon is fried to a crisp that has a crunch with every bite mixed with the crispy rice. They give a huge block of rice. Depending on your luck, you could get a very evenly crisped rice or barely or even burnt! lol Same goes for the salmon, but that night everything was done just right. I like the sauce on the bottom to give everything that extra flavor. There is also the jalapeño soy sauce that gives the whole dish an extra bite. After that night with them, I have been back a lot. O=9 Even twice in one day because of Kat! lol That's how much I liked it! *although the last time I had it, it was not good...*
Since it was the first time PK and I went there we wanted to try more dishes. I suggested we order the Lúc Lộc, French Style Beef, since it's one of my favorite dishes... when done right! This place really missed the mark. It was more like a bad Asian stir fry of beef and onions, nothing like what it should be. =*( We still had to try to finish this dish. At least there weren't too many veggies to work through and we were able to have more crispy rice. lol Our next visits, we only stuck with the Salmon with Crispy Rice and with great reasons! lol
We decided to get a third dish and we weren't too sure what to try. Sadly we chose the House Special Chow Fun. I was a little opposed to this dish but I was fine since the other 2 dishes were more to my liking. This was just a bland version of the Chinese chow fun. There were plenty of meat and shrimp but the flavor was lacking. Again, stick with the Salmon with Crispy Rice! lol Trust me! I think if you look around, most people have this dish. That should tell you something.
All in all the place was cheap and good, but only the Salmon with Crispy Rice. Don't expect any glitz or glamour. It's your typical Vietnamese food joint. Cheap, quick, and simple. Don't expect to hang around here too long because most likely there will be a line at night and the people working there will be in a hurry to get you out! lol You can also get stuff as take out, but if you call in be sure to check which location you called. It can be a bit confusing, but this place is hard to miss since it's located in a more popular plaza than the other location. I wish they were closer because I'd go all the time for the Salmon with Crispy Rice, not that distance has stopped me since I have at least been 20x since the first trip. O=9

Lục Đinh Kỳ
9600 Bolsa Ave
Westminster, CA 92683
(714) 775-8811


Anonymous said...

Crispy rice sounds outstanding!

Francis Bell said...

WOW-great site-I really enjoyed the pictures !! Thanks for brightening my day! Francis

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