Monday, May 18, 2009

Hmm how odd. A few days ago I went on the ABC website and none of the partners were announced. I thought I got an inside scoop tonight, 8/25/09, at STK in West Hollywood when I saw Melissa Joan Hart and Derek Hough together! Now I just went back online to make sure that I spelled their names right, only to find out that Mark Ballas is her partner. Where was Mark!! lol Ms. Lin would have loved it more if I got a sneak peek or picture of him! lolOkay here comes the funny part. I must say that I love Gastronomy! She is so funny! Her antics for the special viewing at STK of Hell's Kitchen and outside were superb! Good times had by all. She is also such a sweet and wonderful person. I am glad that I made the special trip up to see everyone! Thank you Gourmet Pigs for inviting me. It was wonderful to meet Mattatouille and Pleasure Palate, as well as seeing KFP again. Now onto the fabulous occurrence that took place... As we were all leaving to meet up at the next location... we heard Gastronomy scream... "SABRINA! SABRINA! Come back and see Sabrina!" Keep in mind that we were not close by but we could hear her clearly. lol So we started to walk back. GP and I were thinking... who's Sabrina? Someone from the Hell's Kitchen show? Or the head chef at STK? huh? haha Through the paparazzi we were finally able to see that it was Melissa Joan Hart. She headed for the private entrance into STK and then there was a guy there. I was not standing close nor did I really care since I am not that into stars... I heard Gastronomy shouting... "CHASE CRAWFORD! WOO! CHASE!" I looked up to see if it was him.. albeit, I don't really even know what he looks like! haha I recognized immediately that the guy was Derek Hough. I told her that the guy was not Chase Crawford. She kept on screaming, "CHASE! WOO! CHASE CRAWFORD!" haha I kept saying that it was Derek Hough. She loudly replied, "WHO'S DEREK HOUGH?" haha I told her that it was the guy she keeps shouting is Chase Crawford. lol

It was really funny and I am sure they could hear her. ^_^ GP and I joked about in the car that Derek Hough was probably telling the people with him, "Who the heck was it that doesn't know who I am?!??!?!?!" with some @%(%!%* added in I am sure. haha It was too funny and we all loved her for it. She truly made the night!

Still, where was Mark? Why was Melissa Joan Hart dining with Derek Hough? I didn't see any other members from the show... hmm this is quite odd, unless ABC messed up on their own website! Well we will see. I am sure the pictures are up everywhere now since there was a bunch of paparazzi there. lol


Gastronomer said...

A star studded night of B listers! What could be better? Wait, I know, D listers!! Maybe we'll see some has beens next time ;-)

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