Saturday, August 8, 2009

Here is a sneak preview of the SF Chefs, Food, and Wine Event in Union Square. A lot of you might not know this but I am not that fond of children so if I put up a kid’s photo, you know I must have really thought they were cute! ^_- This was so endearing to see at the event. It was at the Zuppa station where I got to witness this adorable scene. Chef Joseph Manzare was super friendly and his whole family was there behind the station working hard. He was super friendly and we had a nice discussion with him.

It was soooo cute to see that his son was working behind the scenes to help out in any way. We were all speculating that he will be the next generation of wonderful chefs! ^_- So cute! He looked so angelic and he was really into his craft. Can’t wait to see his future restaurant! lolI admire that they were trying to grill fresh Chicken Skewers with a Jalapeno sauce to a huge crowd. They were working diligently as well as socializing with the public. The chicken was very tender and the sauce was a nice touch. Having met them at this event makes me want to visit them again at their restaurant. I never knew that it was so close to where Ms. Lin lives. As we were driving home from the event that day I happened to see it and pointed it out to everyone.
All in all this only just added onto the joy of flying up last minute to check out this event. We really need this kind of event down in the OC. I also need to look at ones in LA because it was fun coming up randomly just to attend the event. We got to have a whirlwind weekend full of great food, wine, and meet & greets! Can’t wait for next year’s festival!


Anonymous said...

The junior chef is adorable!

Kat said...

I know! He was so cute! I couldn't help but take photos of him! I have missed talking to you. I always love your comments and your site! ^_^

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