Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I have always had a soft spot for Hot Dog On A Stick. It is a common chain that has been around 1946 and you can usually find it inside the food courts of malls. Of course now I barely hang out or go to the mall, but I saw a coupon for Hot Dog On A Stick... heck yah! lol Buy 2 get 1 FREE! It was time for me to pay them another visit and refresh my memory. My signature choices are the Cheese On A Stick. I can never remember which type, American or Spicy Jack, is my favorite so I always get one of each just in case. So that is already 2 items and now for the free item... I actually really like their Shoe-String Fries but I saw something new on the menu! They now offer Funnel Sticks with just Powdered Sugar, Raspberry, or Chocolate Syrup. I am glad I took their advice to try this delicious new item. Technically it was the "free" item so what did I have to lose. lol It was fantastic. A tiny morsel fried to perfection! The outside is crispy but the inside still had the delicious chewy texture. I could eat a hundred of these in one sitting. Don't even think about the calories, but I think that is what makes it good. I hope they keep this delicious new treat on the menu because it makes me want to go back more often! Wish I had more coupons too! lol
Even though the Cheese On A Sticks have always been favorite, it really depends on who makes it and if you eat it while it's piping hot. I don't think the batter has changed much since I was a child but I think my tastebuds have. Don't get me wrong, I still love the classic taste but it doesn't have the same "Oomph" as they did before. Of course nothing is as good as it was in your memory, but lately I have not had any strong desire to revisit them for an old favorite. The coupons do help to motivate me though. O=) To be fair, I took this order home so the cheese was all solidified and the congealed texture didn't help. After a quick reminder, I think I like the regular American Cheese because it has a stronger cheese flavor when compared to the Spicy Jack. Hopefully I will remember this post the next time I go there... although I always get one of each, but now I am thinking 3 orders of the Funnel Sticks!!! lolHot Dog On A Stick
24155 Laguna Hills Mall
Laguna Hills, CA 92653


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