Sunday, March 1, 2009

If you feed me good food, I will love you! haha I am that simple. O=9 Lil Bel and Rich are so sweet, they always bring me delicious turrón from San Diego. She called me on the weekend to ask if I would like a fresh batch and I said, "YESSSSS!" lol I told her to buy me some and I will pay her back. My craving kept growing and growing as I awaited their return! Finally the call came as I got back from buying lunner, but for turrón I'd drive out again!
Just to recap, turrón is a Filipino dessert that resembles an dessert egg roll. Wrapped inside is Jackfruit and/or Plantains that is then fried and caramelized on the outside. Each bite is a tiny bit of heaven. I was still feeling ill from my cold and cough so this really hit the spot. It took away the pain, even if it was momentarily! The skin was so fresh and crispy that I had to use all the willpower in the world to stop myself from gobbling it up! These were not too gooey or too sweet and a pretty good size. I love them for thinking of me. When we met up I asked how much I owed them and they told me nothing. They are always so sweet and thoughtful! I just love love love them ^_-. Can't wait to see you on Sunday Lil Bel! lol


Unknown said...

GUESS WHAT?!?!? Have you been to Laguna Hills mall lately?! have you check out its food court? I went there and there's a Flip eatery that sells various flip food....I'm not sure if they sell turron...we can check it out together next time...promise I'll drive..

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