Sunday, March 8, 2009

OC Happy Hour Week

Just a quick note to check out OC Happy Hour Week from April 12th-18th. The website is to see all participating restaurants and the items they are serving. I think I will be having Happy Hour this whole week if anyone wants to join! ^_- I will report back and let you know which places I find as a good deal since they can just try to skimp with the prices. If you look at some of the restaurant menu's listed you will see the word "mini" so the price might not be that great of a deal since they've already made it proportional. Get ready for this... I will also break down and decide to try some of the drink specials! ^_- Yup yup. Hey it is Happy Hour Week, I need to honor it by consuming some Martinis and whatnots. lol

Some restaurants that I am thinking about checking out are Tradition by Pascal, Stonehill Tavern (again), The Winery Restaurant and Wine Bar, Nirvana Grille, and maybe Lucca. The list can go on but I know these places are a bit more on the pricey side so even if the portions are minimized it wouldn't be that bad of a deal. This does not mean that I think they are great restaurants per se because you will have to read my reviews to find out... when I post them that is O=9 ... but since there are deals next week, I will give them a second chance to see how up to par they are. I hope everyone has fun out there living it up with Happy Hour Week, but do remember to be safe! Don't drink and drive! Have some appetizers and relax there ^_-.


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